Summary: Many of God’s people are destined for heaven but live in hell on earth right now. They’re saved from going to hell but they are not victorious. They are not enjoying the fullness of salvation.

The Foundation of Salvation

Text: Jeremiah 8:20

When we think of being saved, we think of scriptures like Romans 10:13 (For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved) and Ephesians 2:8 (For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God). New Testament salvation is a gift we receive because the God that we believe and His name is Jesus. When God dropped this text in my spirit, I was thinking of a message of being saved from sin and saved from hell. I was thinking of a message for the radio audience and for visitors. I was thinking of a New Testament salvation message during which the congregation would just be my "Amen corner" as I preached to sinners about why they should be saved. However, as a good bible student, I read the text and wondered how does the harvest being past and the summer ended tie in with New Testament salvation. To understand the text, I had to keep it in its context. How could Jeremiah be talking to the people about New Testament salvation when they were still in the Old Testament. How could the harvest be past and the summer ended when this was written about 600 years before Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, dead on the cross to save the lost, was buried, resurrected and ascended. How could the text be talking about being born again, or born from above, or born of the Spirit, or baptized into the body of Christ. How could it be talking about New Testament salvation? So, I did a word study in language the text was originally written in and I read the entire chapter and found that text was not talking about being saved from sin and saved from hell. The Hebrew word for saved in the text is "Yasha". It means to be liberated. It means to be delivered. It means to be victorious. This makes this more that just a message for sinners. This becomes a question for both sinners and the saints. The harvest is past. The summer is ended. Why are you not yet liberated? You’re not free to lift up holy hands. You’re not free to worship. You’re not free to say "Hallelujah", "Thank you, Jesus." Why are you not delivered? Why are you still bound by the same thing that had you bound when you first got saved? Why are you still hung up by the same hang ups. Why are you still not victorious? Some of God’s people have been beat down by the devil so long that they don’t even fight anymore. How is it that you are saved but you’re still not "Yasha" saved? The problem is most people don’t understand salvation. Some people who say they are saved from their sins and saved from hell really aren’t saved. If you never want to go to church, you don’t want to go to heaven. If you don’t want hang around the people for a couple of hours a week, you don’t want to spend eternity with them. If you never want to pray, if you never want to worship, if you never want to praise, you ain’t saved. Most people aren’t saved according to Jeremiah 8:20 because they aren’t saved according to Romans 10:13 or according to Ephesians 2:8. If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ you won’t be liberated. If you haven’t received the Lord, won’t be delivered. If you are not in the family of God because you love His Son, Jesus, you won’t be victorious because the liberty, the deliverance, and the victory is a part of the New Testament salvation package. So we understand why people who are going to hell live like hell. But why are some of God’s people not blessed? Why are some of God’s people not healed? Why are some of God’s people not liberated, not delivered, not walking in victory? Why are some of us who are saved, not "Yasha" saved? It’s because we really don’t understand the New Testament salvation that we have. The New Testament Greek word for salvation the word "Sozo". It means to be saved from hell. It means to be saved from sin. It means to be saved from sickness. It means to have a soundness of mind. It means to be saved from danger. It’s the salvation package. There is love in salvation package (2 Thes 2:10 talks about how they who don’t receive salvation have not received the love of the truth that the might be saved.) There is mercy in the salvation package (Titus 3:5 says it’s not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost.) Most Christians don’t walk in the fullness of the salvation package because they don’t walk in the fullness of their salvation. We are saved instantly spiritually but most Christians don’t want to get their soul saved by receiving the ingrafted word that will cause them to continue to make corrections in the way they think, fell, and behave. They’ve forgotten what God saved them from. If you say, "I can’t believe some of the things people do", you’ve forgotten what you used to do. Don’t forget what God saved you from. Don’t forget where God brought you from. You’d better work out you own salvation with fear and trembling. Not work for it, work it out. Let it work out of you! It’s called the renewing of the mind. You’ve got teach your soul to know how to walk in the fullness of your salvation. It’s called exercising your senses to control your emotions. It’s called causing your will to be willing and obedient. I’ve got to get my soul saved so I can walk in the fullness of my salvation. So I can walk in liberty. So I can walk in deliverance. So I can walk in victory. For some of us the harvest is past. Some people let opportunity after opportunity pass them by and they are still not "Yasha" saved. For some people the summer is ended. They’ve had plenty of time but they are still not "Yasha" saved. Some people still aren’t walking in the fullness of their "Sozo" salvation. They are still not "Yasha" saved because they won’t work out their own salvation by letting their salvation work out of them. If you are saved from sin why aren’t you liberated? Why aren’t you delivered? Why aren’t you victorious? Why not believe God for everything within the salvation package?

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Be Blessed!!!

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