Summary: A message of encourage to stand firm and strong in the Lord

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything

Text: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Galatians


I would like to ask a question, What are you standing for? When we talk about standing we are speaking in the terms of belief or what you know is right in the sight of God.


There is a cost or price for standing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

A) loss of popularity/notoriety

B) loss of friends/friendships

C) loss of family members

There is a blessing I standing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

A) Eternal life

B) Health and happiness

C) Prosperity

D) Open doors


Its time for the church which is the baptized believer to stand and stand tall and strong in the this hour, Its time for the body of Christ to stand for:

1) Holiness-A clean life and way of living according to the word of God

2) Stand and stand for what the word of God says for you and about you and begin to live like

In order to stand you must have a firm foundation, In order to have a firm foundaton you must know gthe word of God for yourself. When you take a stand for Jesus it means you must go often to the foot of the cross, if you go there often you will not be the same for it will strengthen you to take a stand for Jesus

1) Going to the cross will remind us that Jesus died for us

2) Going to the cross will remind us that Jesus was buried

3) Going to the cross will remind us that Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day.

We are living in a time where men and women of God are finding it difficult to take a stand on biblical issues, It has become difficult everyday to find a man or woman of God who will take a stand, but there comes a time in every person life when we must take a stand.

There must come a time when you a a believer must resolve not to play the coward anymore and take a strong stand upon Godly convictions.

You may be under attack in your body, you have tried everything to resolve it but nothing worked you must take a stand along with the power of Christ to defeat it.

Its time to take a stand with the Word of God against the forces of evil------DON’T GIVE A INCH,

You must stand for something because you cannot be all things to all people Jesus did not put us here to go along or to get along, the Bible says for this cause came Christ inot this world to destroy the works of the devil. Genesis chapter 3 says the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent.


The world say abort the babies the word of God says not acceptable

Society says if homosexual want to preach lets not frustrate them let ordain them into the gospel but the word of God says not so

God said the truth is what my word says it is and live according to the dictates of the Bible which is the word of God. Its not how long you live that counts it what you live for that makes the difference.

God can us people who will take a stand without compromising, TAKE A STAND and quit backing up in constant retreat look the opposition in the eye and go right over the top of then for cowardliness is ungodly it is unbecoming of a child of God.

Jesus came to this earth to take a stand to destroy the works of the devil, He came to crush the head of the enemy for He attack sin and satan and Jesus won. He didn’t go to the cross to sign a compromise. He didn’t got the cross say I’m going t try to win the victory NO He said I’m going to the cross and when I come down I will have victory over death, hell and the grave.

When he bowed His had and said it is finished disease was conquered, demons trembled, dad death no long had power and because I am his and you are his and He is ours the royal blood of heaven flows in my veins.

We are more then a conquerer through Christ Jesus and victory is ours so I close this message with a question:

ARE YOU STANDING FOR HIM? Stand up for Jesus, Jesus Christ is Lord.

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