Summary: A message on being prepared for death.


2 Kings 20:1

INTRO: Death is a very scary thought to each and every one of us. I believe that it would be correct for me to say that each and every one here tonight has wondered what death holds in store for themselves. How will I eventually Die? This is a very disturbing thought as each and everyone of us knows that death is inevitable (Hebrews 9:27).

However, one must realize the importance that as Hezekiah was told to set his house in order, as he would soon die. We are we also told the same thing in the N.T. (James 4:13-16 ; Mark 13:32-33, 37).

Many of us would think that this was a bad situation (being told that you would die shortly), yet we need to see the blessings of this knowledge for Hezekiah. 1. The knowledge of death provoked a changed attitude. 2. The knowledge of death led Him closer to God. 3. The knowledge of death turned His face to the wall and wept bitterly to the Lord, displaying his dependency upon the Lord for forgiveness.

The same should be true of the Christian today. Yet the sad truth of the matter is that many of us think that we have much time to spare and that when we have done all the things that we think are important we will get our lives straight with the Lord. So on this thought I want us to consider this vitally important question. IF YOU HAD ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


There are many today who are not ready to face the Lord in judgment, who still need to come to the belief that Jesus Is our Lord and Savior. One must realize that this is more than just a mere mental acceptance and acknowledgment that Jesus is the Christ.

There are many who believe that there is a God but they have no greater belief than is said of the demons (James 2:19). The demons believe what many today refuse to accept.

There are many who have turned a deaf ear (through pride and prejudice’s) to the Word of the Lord (Matthew 13:15).

There are many who need to obey the Gospel. They know that they need to do it but just keep on putting it off. “Procrastination is the thief of time and of souls.”

There are many who have believed in Christ and have obeyed the Gospel, yet there are many in this situation who need to live that faithful dedicated life as children of God (Matthew 7:21-23).


With the knowledge of Death, we would not be busy in selfish hoarding of material things for a rainy day (Luke 12:15-20). Much of that which we call “security” is covetousness which is seen as idolatry (Colossians 3:5).

First, we would also be wise to heed the warnings that it is impossible to serve two masters (Matthew 6:24, 33). By seeking for the “good life” in the years to come would be foolishness if we only had 24 hours to live.

Secondly, we would not be selfish in our giving of the talents that God has given us. We would no longer Rob God of the things/offerings that have been put aside for His work. The song “Here I Am Lord Send Me” would have more meaning.

Thirdly, we would not put off things until tomorrow. If we were to die in 24 hours we certainly would like to use every single minute that we have for God work. We will not spend time frivolously or foolishly, knowing that every minute counts. Certainly the expression “I’m too busy” will seem foolish to the one who only has 24 hours to live.

Fourthly, we would not continue to take the gifts of God for granted. So many forget the great sacrifice that Christ paid on our behalf. So many forget the great gift that we have of being able to assemble with others. Praying for our health, food, and our families well being would not seem foolishness to us anymore.

Fifthly, we would not take chances doing questionable things. We might think well just this one time, but that one time might be all it takes to lose your soul. Each and every day would be filled with walking for Him.

Sixthly, we would not be indefinitely undecided in religion. Some say they are concerned about spiritual things but truly are undecided as to what to do about it. Some are “almost persuaded” yet with 24 hours will they be “almost persuaded” and go to our graves as such. Will our Epitaphs read “He/She was almost persuaded to do right?”


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