Summary: If you only knew the stuff I had to go through then you would realize why I praise God the way that I do.

“If You Only Knew”

Psalms 34:1-6

When we stop and think of the phrase “If You Only Knew” we come to the conclusion that it is letting someone know that if they could understand something like you understand it. If you could only experience that like I did then maybe you could appreciate it like I do. If you only knew like I know then maybe then you could comprehend what is that I am saying, maybe then you would understand why I act the way that I do. “If You Only Knew” A person that has suffered from starvation is more appreciative of food then those that have always had an abundance of food, because they know what it is like to not have food. Those that never had a lot of money are more appreciative of money then those that always had a great deal of it. “If You Only Knew”.

We find in our text David has penned one of the most famous and most quoted Psalms. He says “I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth”. The first thing that you must understand is that this is personal. David didn’t say you need to bless the Lord at all times and His praise should be in you mouth continually. He didn’t say that, even though that is the truth, but he said I. He made it personal, WHY, because in order for you to be able to say like David said you must have your own experience with God yourself. “I will bless the Lord at all times.” It is personal. We must understand the reason why David wrote the 34th division of Psalms.

I like numbers and their roll in the Bible. Every number in the Bible doesn’t have a particular meaning mainly just the numbers 1-12 have a certain meaning and most of the other numbers are combinations of those numbers. The number 7 is called God’s number it represents perfection. The number 34 in and of itself doesn’t have a certain meaning, but the combination 3+4=7, which represents perfection; therefore the 34th division of Psalms is a perfect Psalms of praise.

David the anointed King of Israel was sent to see about his brothers who were in the Israelite army, when he got there he heard the boasting of the Philistine champion Goliath threatening the Israelite army. Down deep on the inside David knew that this giant was no match for God. So he said I’ll kill the giant for Israel. Saul the King of Israel looked at David and said surely you are no match for this giant. He has been fighting ever since he was a boy he is the champion of the Philistine army and you are just a boy yourself. However, David looked at him I like to believe he said, Saul If You Only Knew. When I was tending my fathers flock in the field a lion came and grabbed one of the sheep in its mouth, the spirit of the Lord was upon me and I grabbed the lion and killed it. Then a bear came a tried to grab one of the sheep I killed the bear also because the power of God gave me strength and to my God this giant is no different then any other animal, today I will kill the giant and I will bring his head to you O’King.

David went and fought the giant Goliath. Goliath laughed and said what am I that you send out this boy, today your flesh I will feed to the beast of the field. David picked up five smooth stones, the number five represents God’s grace David picked up the grace of God, plus Goliath had four more brothers, which David ended up killing also. David killed Goliath and cut of his head and brought it to Saul. While he was bringing the head of the giant Goliath to Saul the women began to sing praises unto David. They said Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten thousands. Saul became jealous of David a sought from that point on to take his life.

After several attempts David fearing for his life becomes literally a fugitive running from the enemy Saul. He comes to a place called Nob to a priest by the name of Ahimelech. Ahimelech gave him the showbread and the sword of Goliath. However, there was a man there by the name of Doeg that was loyal unto Saul and got word to Saul that David was in Nob, being sustained by the priest. Saul sets out for the land of Nob. Ahimelech being in touch with God knew that David wouldn’t be safe there told David to leave. David fearing for his life leaves the land of Nob and goes to the city of Gath, which was the home of Goliath the giant he had killed not long ago. Saul arrives in Nob and kills Ahimelech the priest for taking care of David.

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