Summary: Far too often in life we as the people of God become greedy and want a "Full Course Meal" Blessing... We need to learn how to appreciate the "Crumb" blessings in life!

Awww, come on & give the Lord a praise in this house! He is worthy is he not! We bless God on today. You may be seated in the prescense of the Lord. This passage is pregnant with possibility, and I could really preach about 3 or 4 messages from this one text, I could talk about perserverance, or faith, or humility... I really could, but God is leading me to deal specifically with verse number 27 where this woman who is pleading with the Lord on her daughter’s behalf says to Jesus, "But even the dogs are permitted to eat crumbs that fall beneath thier master’s tables." And that’s what’s getting to me, that’s it. She could have asked Jesus for a "Buffae" style blessing, but, but instead she says, "Lord, I’ll take even a crumb blessing." And so for just a little bit of time I want to talk as the holy ghost shall lead & guide from the subject of, "I’ll Take A Crumb, Please!" Y’all ain’t hearin’ me this morning...

My brothers and my sisters, if I could keep it real with you for just a little while on today, I am convinced today beyond a shadow of a doubt that sometimes we as the people of God can be very selfish when it comes to the Lord blessing us... We don’t feel like as if the Lord has really truly blessed us unless we have a "Full Course Meal" for a blessing. In other words if I can make it plain for you, we don’t feel content with the smaller blessings in life and we can’t be satisfied with how God blesses us unless he blesses us to the brink to where our cup is overflowing and to where all is well and life is great and we have absoloutely no problems at all. Y’all ain’t liking me, that’s okay, I didn’t come to make any friends today I came to give a word from the Lord, like me or not! But unless we are recieving a "Full Course Meal" blessing, we just aren’t content. We think that God’s blessings should just be out on a Buffet table where we can sample a little bit of this & a little bit of that, and we can choose how God blesses us! And I don’t know where in the world we come off thinking that we are so Holy & so good that we should be able to choose how we get blessed, but naw Baby, it just don’t work like that! God blesses as HE sees fit! And then we have the audacity to get mad at God if he blesses somebody else with a full course meal, and all we get is some crumbs! Who do we think we are? I don’t know about you but with God, I’ll take even a crumb blessing, and as the old folks used to say, "Any way you bless me Lord I will be satisfied!" And as the text here shows, God made her crumb blessing a full course meal blessing in the end. And so I guess now you’re probably asking, "Well preacher, what in the world did she do that made her crumb blessing turn into a full course meal?" Well, i’m so glad you asked because there was a few things she did that made her blessing a great one, and I’d like to share them with you on this morning if I could, can I teach you for awhile?

The first thing that made her crumb blessing so great was that she was willing to test the waters and go beyond her comfort zone and cultural barriers. You see she was a Caananite woman, who in those days were thought to be a part of the gentile population, and as most of you who are any bit Bible saavy already know the Jews didn’t mess with the Gentiles. Jesus even said in this passage in verse 24, "I was sent to only help the people of Isreal- God’s lost sheep, not the Gentiles." In those days the word was only supposed to be imparted for and to the Jews, and this woman knew that and yet she was still willing to attempt to defy cultural barriers. She even ended up worshipping him in the passage and calling him Lord and in those days that was, was a definite "No, no." So she was willing to get up out of her comfort zone and be challenged. And that’s why so many of us as believers are not getting the full blessings of God! Because we wanna sit back in our comfort zones and drink Iced teas & lemonades all day long & kick our feet up... But God doesn’t want us to be comfortable! God oftentimes will have you do the uncomfortable thing... Can I get a witness? But how many of y’all know that it’s the uncomfortable stuff that really oftentimes grows us up the most & truly blesses us?! I ain’t gettin’ no amens today! And so the first reason her blessing was so great is because she was willing to be uncomfortable. Somebody oughta say uncomfortable.

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