Summary: This lesson shows that nothing happens in life by coincidence. Everything is ordained by the Lord.

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Have you had a car that was a ”lemon” or one that turned into a” lemon”? Most of you know there are some cars that just seem to have problems and then there are others that all you have to do is put gas and oil in them and they go for 200,000 miles. But usually when something starts to go on a car then other things follow.

Well I think my body is becoming a lemon. I just had shoulder surgery 6 weeks ago and now I need an MRI of my neck Thursday morning. The doctor seems to think that all my headaches are coming from a structural problem with my neck. I. have had problems with my neck for over 30 years but about 2 years ago it got worse. The last time I went golfing was 2 years ago and after 18 holes I couldn’t move my neck then had a migraine for 4 days. It seems like my body which has allowed me to do an Ironman is starting to fall apart. Of course as we get older we all go through this process.

It would be awesome not to have headaches anymore so please pray that something would be found that is causing my headaches. Also pray that it would be easily corrected. But I have found some interesting things about my hospital visits. God always puts in front of me someone to put on the daily devotional. Then those people forward the devotional onto their friends and on and on. If I wasn’t in pain I would not need to go to the hospital AGAINJ But God know that everyplace is fertile soil for people to hear the word. Maybe I should just set up shop in a hospital so I can preach the word without having an illness to send me there!!!!

When I was travelling a lot the Lord always put someone next to me on the plane that needed to hear the gospel. One lady was a stripper; she had the window seat so she was trapped! But God allowed me that day to share with her the plan of salvation and she turned her life over to Jesus, AMEN!!! That is why there are no coincidences in life because God ordains everything that comes to pass.

Psalm 139:16 “your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Before you and I were born God had already planed out His purpose for our lives. He knows when we are going to be joyful and when we need encouragement. This past weekend I was praying with a friend that felt overwhelmed. I called and asked her if I could pray. She said yes and after praying she told me “You won’t believe this but on the side of the road is a billboard of Jesus that says “Praying For You”. You can never have planned that coincidence or millions of others that happen each day. If we act, open our eyes and slow down we will see miracles everyday of our lives. But as Jesus says miracles won’t get us into heaven. Those who want to constantly see miracles want to see more miracles. Jesus should be our ONLY miracle. But God loves us enough to show us that He is constantly there.

If you would I would ask you to e mail me of times “God showed up” in your life. If you can’t think of any then wait for Him. Read His word in the Bible and pray. Not with doubt but with an expectant hope. Yes the days are ordained for us and Jesus knows what is going to happen but we do not. So let us do two things.

1. Be joyful and not worry knowing that God knows ahead of time how He is going to protect us.

2. Do whatever you want in life. Don’t hold back for a more opportune time as you may not get another chance. Just go for it if it is in your heart and it fits in with the promises of God.

Today many things will come your way but don’t be dismayed or discouraged. Nothing that happens to you is a mistake. Everything is for God's perfect purpose. I wonder Thursday morning who God will lead me to at the hospital? Who will God lead YOU to today? Have fun in this life. It is not a trial run for something else.


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