Summary: This sermon is to get the believer to understand that he or she don’t have to live the life they are living. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!

“I’m Changing The Way I Live”

The problem with the children of God is that we gain the knowledge of God and never allow the spirit of God to complete the work in us. The carnal mind judges after what it sees, feels and taste. Our conciliation can not be in what we have. To be spiritually minded means to agree with the word of God. We must be spiritual to hear what he says and able to see him in every situation; this causes us to change the way we live!

I have come to also understand that we sometimes like the way that we live. Why should anyone become addicted to there lifestyles? Why should the alcoholic continue driking himself to his grave? Why should the gambler stay in the lottery line and have no money to give to his family? Why should the prostitute continue selling her body on the streets when she can get married and receive Christ in her life and enjoy the blessings of God? All of good questions, but no one can ever give a response to them.

A lot of times we credit our troubles and temptations to God. It is fascinating to know that God will for our lives is for us to be ill, when he’s the doctor. Isn’t it fascinating to know that God wants us to be without and poor when he’s the richest and have everything. It is very funny to know that God wants us to play lottery when he tells us to give our tithes and we will have blessings that we won’t have the room to receive.

We need to sit back and ask ourselves this quesion, "What will I do if the Lord was not on my side?" How many of you have ever asked the Lord that? I know many of you haven’t because you have been busy questioning God as to why he hasn’t give you that Mercedes of Condo yet. The reason God is allowing the devil to hold your stuff is because you haven’t understood the word "faithfull." In this season of blessings in which God is blessing his people abundantly, God is blessing on accounts of faithfulness.

You want God to bles you with a 5 bedroom house and you couldn’t keep a 3 bedroom house. You almost break your neck walking over garbage and clothes, and (beer cans) that are in the floor. Don’t get crazy in here today! You know when you see Pastor, you start hiding them cans and tickets. Don’t try to fool me, honey the bible says in Proverbs 15:3:"The eyes of the Lord are in every place keeping watch on the good as well as the evil." I don’t never have to know what you are doing, I just know that you aren’t living right.

When you’re living right, my spirit and your spirit should have connections. Oh, I know I am not going to get many amens. I could not have seen you in fifteen years, it doesn’t matter, when I see you it shouldn’t be no oughts or frets, our spirit should connect and be as if I have seen you on a regular basis. The reason being is because the same God in Texas is the same God in Georgia. The same God in Canada is the same God should be in Georgia. That is why the bible describes God as omnipresent. He is everywhere at all times!

In order to change the way you live, you first must be willing to accept correction. Do you know that there are church folk who know everything! They know more about God than you and they just got saved. That’s fascinating to me. You want to join my ministries and learn from me and you know more than me. How can you know more than me and you didn’t know that Christ loved you. If you had known, you would have given him your life a long time ago. Pastors, in order to deal with people like this, you have to let them think they know everything and when they finish giving you inadequate bible study, take them to the word of God and show them your kindness in a friendly way. I am tired of preachers especially who preach there initial sermon today and are pastoring on tomorrow. How can you pastor and you have just preached your first sermon.

The questions to the pastor is this: "You wander why you don’t have a vision and if you do have one, it is not prospering? The reason is because you don’t have a relationship with God. If you had a relationship with God you would have heard when God said "Pray for Pastor..........and not go and Pastor. That’s why you got three members and that’s you, your wife, and your mother. You will always have three until you get connected to God again. A lamp won’t work until it have connection. Until you connect with God, your gifts, ministry, and anointing will be on HALT!

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