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Summary: This message deals with the decision Christians often make to avoid prayer because they don’t want to talk to God about that particular sin.

Sometimes as Christians we let things that shouldn’t be in our life linger in our hearts because we’re embarrassed at the thought of talking to God about that problem. We’d rather just not talk to God at all than have to talk about that particular issue.

Let’s be honest: one of the reasons that some Christians don’t pray is that prayer is frighteningly

exposing. Our soul, our sins, our life is out there on the table. It’s not surprising that many

deliberately avoid that moment.

So, if it’s so hard, then why should we bother to pursue it?

1. Be realistic about the weight of “pulling down the blinds.”

- vv. 3-4.

- see also, Psalm 31:9-10; Psalm 38:3-4.

2. Only getting honest with God can change things.

- v. 5 and v. 6a (“For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You”).

- also, vv. 1-2 (source of blessing).

- see also, concerning that God sees everything: Heb. 4:12-13; Num. 32:23; Luke 12:2.

- see also, concerning that God offers forgiveness: 1 John 1:9.

3. God not only forgives, He will teach and guide.

- v. 8.

4. We become transformed from “groaning” to “shouting for joy.”

- v. 11 and v. 7b (“You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”).

5. Do it while there’s time.

- v. 6b (“In a time when You may be found”).

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