Summary: If you desire the victory over the difficulties and the obstacles you face in the pursuit of your purpose and destiny, then follow God’s plan for your life.

Due to the brevity of time we have together this morning, I am unable to explain this text in an unreserved and methodical way for you to receive the richness of its essence. However, I will not rob you this morning of our text central campaign or preface of Israel’s first conquest of Jericho.

For the divine strategy for the conquest of Canaan was based on geographic factors. From Israel’s camp at Gilgal near the Jordan River were they spiritually prepared themselves by circumcision to identify themselves as God’s covenant people, they could see the hills of promise to the west of them. For Jericho controlled the path of ascent into these visible mountains, and Ai, a city of central Palestine, another fortress, stood at the head of the path to victory and promise.

If the Israelites were to capture the hill country they seen before their faces, they had to take Jericho and Ai. This would put them at the pinnacle of the hill country and in control of the central ridge, having driven a wedge between the northern and southern sections of Canaan.

Israel could then engage the territorial armies of the south in battle followed by the more remote enemy in the north. However, first, Jericho walls had to fall. Therefore, Joshua and his followers had to follow the Lord’s unconventional (by military standards) instructions for this first battle if they desired the victory.

Who in here desires the victory over the difficulties and the obstacles they face in the pursuit of their purpose and destiny? Then tell your neighbor to follow God’s plan.

For Israel marched around the perimeter of Jericho’s walls for seven days followed by a climactic trumpet blast and great shout on the seventh day – at which time Jericho’s walls collapse and they went on their way to victory.

Well my topic this morning is, “I’m On My Way to Victory.” Tell your neighbor, “I’m On My Way to Victory.”For me to deal with this premise this morning, which is my task and obligation, I must concentrate and briefly deal with “this” impressive wall, which the Canaanites deemed indomitable.

For it stood 25 feet high and 20 feet thick and it was a symbol of power and strength. However, these walls could not withstand the power of God, who assured Joshua, “See, I have given into thine hand Jericho.”

Many in this place have erected walls that they deem indomitable or unconquerable: walls of shame and guilt. Some have isolated themselves from previous hurts and pains, fearful to peruse life with purpose and passion due to misunderstandings, as well as, physical, emotional, and/or psychological abuse from some one significant in their life.

Others have hid themselves behind the wall of material possessions believing their walls immune them from the troubles of the world. Why - for walls, give the illusion of safety, for some false sense of security.

Furthermore, there are many moments were you encounter others trying to limit you and place a wall of prejudice, fear, and hatred before you. However, you must face your wall like Joshua and the Israelites with purpose, preparation, and persistence in order to receive the victory.

Tell two people, “I’m on my way to victory!”

For God has called you from sickness, shame, and sorrow to a place were you could experience success in Him. Though you failed time after time, He called you. Though you doubted and disappointed Him, He still called you, and it is an effective calling. However, He called you with an expectation, which is the hope of His calling. And since His Word does not return to Him void, if He called you, you are going were He called you to; and He called you to victory, He called you to power and that’s were you are going.

Tell somebody, “I did not call my self, But God called me and I’m on my way to victory.”

Therefore, If He called you; you must learn to trust and obey His Word if you are going to receive the victory over the present walls you face, which is a symbol of opposition and difficulties placed in your path.

For you can overcome these walls of opposition through the power of the Risen Christ: for we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.

Tell your neighbor you are on your way to victory. Despite rejection, despite heart-ach, despite failure, no weapon formed against me shall prosper for “I’m On My Way to Victory” and I will not accept defeat because God called me.

He called me out of darkness into this marvelous light and I am going to praise Him as Joshua did. I am going to walk around the perimeter of my wall with praises, for when praises go up blessings come down, and I need a blessing morning. For that which I face must come down, because I am on my way to victory.

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