Summary: Just when the enemy thought he had you,he found out that you still had more power! This is a powerful message.

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As we have opportunity to observe and survey the lives of many believers we will find that they all had or have one thing in common.They were either going through something or coming out of something.Many times when we face tests and trials,we feel as if God has forsaken us and that he doesn’t care about us in our situation.I want to challenge you to examine the purpose of your problem and the process of looking at it;God will reveal the reasoning behind "the madness."

You must understand that as a believer there are many differant reasons why we face tests and trials. A significant reason we go throughis because it is a catalyst to spiritual growth or change.i.e.,God allows adverse situations to cause growth or to cause something inside of us to change.It’s all to bring us to a place of maturity in Him.However,that’s just one reason why we face trials.The other reason is God wants us to use what He has equipped us with to get us out of what we are in.(Now follow me on this one)

God doesn’t want us to call on Him for everything but there are things we face where He wants us to use as believers;the Bible.

As we look at our text in 2 Peter 1:4 we see that the incarnate work of Christ has made available to every believer His exceedingly great and precious promises.These promises recommend to us our bold acceptance "in Christ"of "all the promises of God."

2 Corinthians 1:20 say’s,"For all the promises of God in Him are yes,and in Him Amen,to the glory of God through us." The purpose of the promises is that we may be sharers of a deep spiritual union with Christ, and thereby of the blessings and benefits of that relationship.The promises also give us an incentive to live in godliness,because to share in His fullness now,means that I have something to look forward to as well in the future.This is why we must inderstand that when Jesus shed His blood,died and rose again He gave us everything we needed to be successful and victorious in every area of our lives.However,it all lies in the divine power that He has given us in the Holy Ghost. You see the Holy Ghost didn’t just come so that individuals could speak in a heavenly language;He came to give you power.

As believers we should know that there are 4 aspects of power spoken in the Bible in the N.T. where the believer is concerned.

The 1st aspect is found in Luke 10:19. Power in this verse in pronounced Exousia-which means delegated authority which gives the believer the authority or right to act,ability,privelege.Exousia gives me the ability to preach, to teach,heal,and deliver.And that authority can never be rescended(John 14:12).

The 2nd aspect is found in Acts 1:8.Power in this verse is pronounced Dunamis-which means energy,power,might,great force,great ability,strength.Supernatural enabling that is inherent power,power that reproduces itself as a dynamo which is where we get our english word "dynamite".Power that is dynamic in its working.

The 3rd aspect is found in 1Timothy 6:16.Power in this verse is pronounced Kratos-which means Dominion,strength,manifested power.It signifies exerted strength,power shown effectively in a reigning authority.It refers to God’s Kingdom authority,dominion,and majesty.

The 4th aspect is found in 2 Thessalonins 1:9.Power in this verse is pronounced Ischuros-which means great strength especially physical.

However when I walk in the authority that God has given me as a son of God.God allows me to walk in Exousia,Dunamis,Kratos,Ischuros,and when I put it all together.His word which is at work in me becomes another greek word-"Energes"-which our english word "energetic" stems from it denotes something at work,active,and effective.This is why I can have the victory in my life because I realize that just when it seems that all of my strength is gone I still got more power to draw from.This is why when you see me I preach so energeticly because I’m a stick of dynamite that’s waiting to go off when God tells me it’s time to catch on fire!!!!!

Don’t look at me strange,I thought you knew where it comes from? Doesn’t 1 John 4:4 say that I am of God,little children? and that I have overcome the world because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! Hallelujah

So because of the authority you have in God there are certain things you don’t have to war against but you can speak the Word and things have to change; because your faith,your destiny is released in the words you speak.That’s why Proverbs18:21 say’s,"Death and life are in the power of the tongue:and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

What you say can shape your life!

The wicked may be ensnared by the transgression of his lips,but the righteous will come through trouble.Proverbs 12:13

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