Summary: A message of Christmas to the non Christians

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Respected Chairman, honourable guests, my dear friends. It is my honour and privilege to speak to you this evening.

Today is Christmas. The whole world becomes part of the Christmas celebrations one-way or other. It is the time of joy, celebration and singing. We all love the season of Christmas. However, what is the real meaning of Christmas? Let me point to you some important factors of this wonderful event called Christmas.

First of all let me explain to you what is not Christmas. Explaining what is not Christmas is the best way to explain what Christmas is. Christmas is not about singing, dancing and marrying. Many a people are deceived by thinking that Christmas is all about singing carols, dancing and eating the Christmas buffet. Believ it or not Christmas is the time where by the maximum amount of liquor is sold through out the world. Christmas eve is the time when the most number of motor accidents occur around the world. It is also the time of fight, quarrel and even murder. All in the name and time of Christmas that is supposed to bring peace and joy to the whole world as we read in Gospel according to St. Luke Ch.2:10. This is the most unfortunate thing about Christmas. Most of these people who celebrate Christmas in this manner are surely unaware of the real meaning of Christmas. Quite often, we may also fall in to the category of those celebrating Christmas without understanding its meaning.

No let me come to what Christmas is.

As I told you earlier, Christmas is not about carols, nor about Christmas trees, nor Christmas greetings, and nor about Christmas food. Christmas is all about Christ. It marks the advent or coming of Christ. You know BC 7th century was a significant century as far as the world religions are concerned. It was the century in which many of the great religious leaders lived upon the face of the earth. it was the century in which Zoroaster the founder of Zoroastrianism, mahavira the founder of Jainism and Buddha the founder of Buddhism lived. Zoroaster lived in Persia where as both Buddha and mahavira lived in India. One day somebody approached Zoroaster and asked “Are you the God?”. He replied, “I am not God but just a messenger of the one true God”. The same question was repeated to Mahavira ; and he replied “ I am not God”. When this question was asked to Budha he said, “ I donot know whether there is a God or not”. But tin the same century there lived a prophet in Isarel; and he said like this “the virgin shall bear a son and he shall be called Immanuel”. We read this in the Bible precisely in the book of Isaiah 7:14. Immanuel means ‘God with Us’ .Every one else either said they were not gods or they did not know God. But Isaiah said in the BC 7th century that ‘God is going to be with us’. My dear friends this is the meaning of Christmas. By Christmas, we do mean God coming down to earth to dwell with the human beings. If we miss this point, we miss the very core of Christmas.

Now let me tell you the reason for his coming. Yes, we all believe that God came to the earth in the form of human being and that is Jesus; but what was the reason for His advent?

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