Summary: Our faith is something that is personal but it is not to be private. Following Jesus is not a private matter.

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Passage: John 4:

Vs. 5-6 This reveals Jesus’ humanity- very hot, tired and thirsty. (Fully God but also fully


Vs. 7-9 Tension because Jesus is speaking to a Samaritan women. This would be unusual

due to racial, national, religious, and gender issues. The Samaritan’s were considered to be

unclean, half-breeds because of their intermarrying with the Assyrians.

Vs. 11-12 She is trying to understand what Jesus is really offering. To her living water

probably meant running or flowing water.

Vs. 13-14 He’s offering living water. He tells her that he wants to give her “internal” water.

Not water from the outside.

Vs. 15 In her mind her physical need are her greatest needs. She doesn’t understand the

spiritual analogy. She has physical needs but he is more concerned about her spiritual

need. He used her physical need to address her soul.

Vs. 16-18 Her life is obviously broken. Jesus exposes her sin for the purpose of redemption

not condemnation. Exposure= the beginning of redemption. The way he engages is the

same way we should engage. Life is being redeemed in the midst of sin.

Often we walk in fear that if our sin is exposed it will result it will not result in redemption.

God can redeem all sin (no matter what we have done).

Vs. 23-26 Jesus is telling her that she can move from being separate from God to being in

relationship with him. He reveals to her that God wants to do something in her life that

transcends her brokenness. He’s telling her that he’s the Messiah, the one they were

hoping for. Hope is what you orient your life around. Your hope can be wrongly tied up in

anything. We all struggle to build our hope on Christ

Vs. 27-30 She is becoming a catalyst of change to others. She ran to tell others about Jesus.

She has freedom because she has a low level of pride in this area. Low level of

freedom=high level of pride.

Vs. 31-34 Jesus is hungry but he says that what is more important for him is to be fulfilling

God’s mission here on Earth. Something feeds his soul that is more important to him than

his physical needs.

Vs. 35-37 Jesus is saying that there is great reward and fulfillment for those who are on

God’s mission. To be participating in God’s harvest brings joy. Our pride prevents us from

really getting on board with what God is doing and so we also miss the blessing of seeing

the harvest.

Different people participate in different parts of God’s mission.

3 things to think about:

1) The gospel is for broken and sinful people. (And all of us are sinful)

2) Most Christians have not had significant conversations with non-Christians due to


3) Who does God want you to engage with your faith?

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