Summary: Habakuk had developed an attitude based on circumstances of feelings and emotions. If what you’re praying for is not happening, can you still believe and have faith in God for his provisions?

When everything is against you, that’s when you hold on to God’s word. Everything around you can give way, it doesn’t matter, hold on to God. Public opinion can be against you, it matters not. Doctors say you’re going to die, you can’t make it, family is saying drop it, it’s not worth it. Friends are saying, look many have tried without success, so it is useless’

But will you be able to move on? And in what form?

Lets us look at few ways you can move on.

1. Clarity in Midst of confusion

God wants you to have clarity in the place of confusion.

Your mind and emotions say something but your spirit says something contrary, what do you then do?

Go back to God and seek clarity from his word.

When David was called to be a king, you know what he received from Saul, arrows and spears.

Friend! When People speak 10,000 words a day, but for you, you’re going to start to speak 20,000 words to your situation from today.

David took a stand in the midst of confusion and he seeks clarity from God. Joseph was rejected by his brothers, but he stood the cause of his calling. He did not abandon his dreams, folks, please be immovable in your dealings with God. Hold on to your identity in Christ, Satan will always question that, but don’t mind, believe, God will do what he says he will do. You are what God says you are. You can do what God says you can do.

2. Faith in midst of failure. Matt: 13:21, Ps 34:19

Have faith in the midst of failure, that’s what Habakkuk was describing in that scripture. He stood firm in the

Place of failure. Thess. 2:15

Even in light of apparent failure, Habakkuk declared his immovable faith and moved on.

Peter failed as well. Even as he walked on water. Even though you’ve tripped out, get up and get going. Your failure doesn’t mean you’re not a Christian, just move on.

Connect with God and he’ll take you on. God may have spoken to you once and you missed. Don’t worry; he’ll speak again to you.

3. Values in testing times. Dan 3:14 -18

Even if there’s no miracles in your life, even if there is no promotion in your job, no money in your pocket. Keep serving him, he remembers you. God is not a forgetter of any person as much as He is no respecter of person.

Job 13:15 Trust him and have an immovable faith. Jesus was rejected and scorned by the roman armies, rejected by His own people, but he did not give up. When he said it is finished, they thought he was giving up his faith. No, that was not the case.

4. Quit quitting Heb 6:12

Even when your spirit is low, you still believe and have faith, have patience and quit not on God. Eph 2: 8

Have the attitude of no matter how long it takes, I am holding on to what the word of God says. Remember 3 hewbreween in Dan 3:16 who were faced with death sentence by refusing to bow down and worship the king’s idol and were thrown into the hot furnace. I see somebody working through fire with Jesus today, working through oppression with Jesus, you’re walking through that marital problem with Jesus now, 3 people were thrown into the fire but the king could see 4 men walking and talking together.

I prophesy if though you have been alone, people are going see from now that you are not alone but walking with Jesus. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refuse to quit serving the God of power and purpose, the God that never fails. May you quit quitting today because God have decided to be with you through the fire.

Dr. A. Howard.

Always blessing.

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