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Summary: Scripture teaches many important matters about prayer.

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1- Scheme of prayer

Matthew 6:9-13 The Lord’s Prayer

John 14:13-14 Asking in His name

What have you learned about the “how to” of prayer?

2- Schedule of prayer

Mark 1:35 Very early in the morning

When is your best time for prayer?

3- Season of prayer

Matthew 4:1-3 Jesus spent 40 days and nights praying

What has been your longest season of prayer? Did it help?

4- Service of prayer

Ephesians 6:18-19 Praying for all the saints

Do you spend time praying for others? For whom do you pray?

5- Surrender of prayer

Matthew 26:36-42 Gethsemane - Jesus surrendered in prayer

What have you learned about surrendering to God in prayer?

6- Security of prayer

James 4:7-8 Resist and come near

How does prayer keep you safe and secure in life?

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