Summary: In-between time is difficult....time between the promise claimed and the promised confirmed. We know He can, but He hasn’t yet. You have been there, and so have I. It is during this time when you can get discouraged.

John 11:1-6

17, 21,32a


Strange story. Jesus receives word that Lazarus is sick. This is his friend in whose home Jesus stayed so often. "abode two days still in the same place where he was." He is waiting for Lazarus to die. Seems strange.....delay was a delay of love (5). This was a special family......and it presents us with a seeming failure. However, Jesus finally comes and raises Lazarus from the .

God perceived it

God permitted it

God planned it

Jesus was about twenty miles from Bethany when he received the message. If the messenger traveled quickly he could make the trip in one day. Then Jesus waits two days before he leaves for Bethany. When He arrives after a day of travel, Lazarus has been for four days. This would mean that Lazarus died the very day the messenger left with the message for Jesus. Premature hastes totally unnecessary, and this Jesus knew full well.

Now Jesus does come in His own timing. But that in between time can be difficult. The waiting time did not mean that Jesus did not love them. It did not mean that Jesus did not care. Neither did it mean that Jesus was not concerned for them. God does not hurry in our development. He is working for eternity.

In-between time is difficult....time between the promise claimed and the promised confirmed. We know He can, but He hasn’t yet. You have been there, and so have I. It is during this time when you can get discouraged.

In that block of time that God waits, presents a opportunity for the devil to work us over.

You had better watch some things self closely in that in-between time!

I. Watch your supplications (PRAYERS)

Moses prayed to die in an in-between time (Numbers 11:10-15). Elijah prayed to die in an in-between time.

How strange and illogical can we pray in the in-between time.

A.. Emphasize self

B. Exaggerate situation

II. Watch your speech (words)

Job experienced one of those in-between times (see Job 3:2-7).

David experienced one of those in-between times (I Samuel 27:1).

Wrong conclusions prompt wrong solutions.

Mark 4:35-38

In the in-between times we should set a close watch upon our lips.

III. Watch your speculations (meditations, thoughts)

Matthew 11:2,3

Is this the great John the Baptist who stood so courageously and gallantly against sin, and who earnestly and faithfully pointed men to Jesus Christ?

A. His circumstances

victim of gross injustice because he denounced a marriage

Where was Jesus? He had not visited him.

B. His concepts

Jesus had not set up His kingdom yet, and He has not judged Herod yet for so terribly mistreating his forerunner. Has John been mistaken about Jesus? Has God failed? Has God forgotten him? Does God not care about him?

In the in-between times you need to watch your mediation. In the in between times, watch your thinking!

IV. Watch your steps (doings)

Sent message but Jesus has not come through yet. Watch your steps......may do the wrong thing.

Discouragement people have left their mate.......left their job.....moved......Tide goes out and the tide comes is...when tide is out "in-between time," don’t make any decision.

Lot of people get out of church during the in-between time...God has not come through like they thought he ought to......quit church.

Moses smote the rock in the in-between time. Elijah ran in the in-between time. Peter cussed during the in-between time. Peter cut the high priest servant’s ear off during the in-between time.

V. Watch your sight

Jesus has not come yet. Watch your vision. If not careful you will see the giants instead of the grasshoppers. Your problem will look too big. All Mary and Martha were seeing was that Lazarus was . See the problems instead of the power.

John 5:1

See what you don’t have instead of what you do have in the in-between time.

VI. Watch your spirit (attitude)

In the in-between time, our attitude can become sour. Develop a grumbling, murmuring spirit. Will develop a critical spirit. Attack those who love you and want the best for you.

If God does not come when we think He ought to or the way we think He should and we are in the in-between time, you had better watch your spirit.

Children of Israel in the in-between time (between their exodus of Egypt and the sending forth of the spies to scout out the promised land) murmuring and complained against Moses.


Mary and Martha found themselves in the in-between time. Jesus had been informed of the sickness of their brother, but He has not come.

As they found themselves, so will you find yourself one day. It is important in the in-between time to be careful and watchful.

The in-between time is time needed by us and by God. In the end God was glorified and Martha and Mary was strengthened.

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