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Summary: Long before man even thought of ever being in such a society that is geared around borrowing. You and I were in debt in another way.


Many of us have had a part in creating this economic “debt set society.”

Long before man even thought of ever being in such a society that is geared around borrowing.

You and I were in debt in another way.

1. The Source of Our Debt

Paul tells us that we assumed a spiritual debt when we became a Christian.

For in Romans 1:14-15 he tells us that we are debtors both to the Greeks and to the Barbarians.

Both to the wise and unwise.

All owe the debt.

There are no exceptions.

We have no options.

This debt is inherited when we become children of God.

The love of God places us in debt to all people of the world who have not heart the gospel.

For in God’s plan we owe others, because of Gods love for us.

For indeed the scriptures says that he did give his only begotten Son for us.

One can truly say that He has given us the gospel in his Son, who is the Word in the flesh.

We are therefore in debt to all those unsaved souls without these doors and within these doors.

2. The Scope of Our Debt

There is no member of the human race that is excluded; Paul definitely reaches everyone in his statement in Romans 1:14-15.

To win the world in our generation has truly been the goal of every generation of Christians.

As Christians, it is our duty to strive for such a goal.

We should never try to weight the facts but step forward with


For if, we dare measure the odds we might not ever strive for that goal.

However, some have not accepted it and others have not taken it seriously.

But it is a Goal.

A Goal that God has given his people.

We cannot be local with our debt; we must not practice impartiality in our flight.

Our goal is to reach anyone, anywhere that does not have the gospel.

That is the debt we owe!

3. The Spirit of Paying Our Debt

Our spiritual debt must be et with a different spirit than that used in paying a financial debt.

One must never approach this debt with the attitude “It’s my duty to God” but rather “Thank God I can have a part.”

Paul goes on to say in the passage that we must be “ready to Preach.”

“Be eager”

Be eager to share the gospel, this is the attitude that a Christian must have.

It becomes an exciting life when God’s people approach this debt with an eagerness.

Our spiritual attitude determines our spiritual success in paying this debt we owe.

If you have never acknowledged this debt you need to do so.

Maybe you are behind on your payments

Perhaps you thought you had paid the debt.

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