Summary: Trusting in God... why? Does God deserve our trust? If so, do we trust him?


(Have a child come up and read the statement on a coin: In God we trust)

Do we really trust God?

How committed do I honestly believe is God to me? How much do I really believe he loves me?

In other words, just how much can I trust Him.

The first time these questions were raised, there was a garden and a tree and a woman and a serpent. They had a conversation about God. The serpent wasn’t just questioning whether or not you could trust God. He was basically saying that you shouldn’t. Here is this perfectly good tree with fruit that will make you know good and evil. And you can eat it and be like God. Or you can blindly trust God and don’t eat. Satan said, "Don’t trust God." God just wants to keep you from having something. He’s just looking out for Himself not you. Go ahead! Eat! And she did, and Adam did. And things have been messed up ever since.

One of the amazing things about God is that he is willing to prove to us that he is trustworthy. One of the great messages of the Bible is that you and I can trust God. In fact, He is the only completely trustworthy one there is. If God says it, you can believe it, every time.

The Bible records to what extent God will go to prove to us His own trustworthiness. God is Holy. He can not be otherwise. He is not only true to us, He is first true to Himself. His nature is never compromised. There is not the slightest hint of hypocricy in God. And since He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we can be sure that who he is in scripture, he is today.

Can we trust God today?

God has demonstrated his love and worthiness for our trust in many ways. But nothing compares with the incredible example of Jesus. His coming, his life, his death, and his resurrection and exaltation. Philippians 2:5-11.

The story of Christmas is not about snow, shopping, decorations, lights, trees, stockings, red elfs, and a host of clutter that has choked out the interest in the real meaning. The story of Christmas is another expression of God to say, "Trust Me." Look to Me, what more can I do for you? What will it take to break your stubborn hearts and bring you back to me?

The story of Christmas is the story of God’s tender heart. For God so Loved the world... How much? God... so... Loved... that he gave his only begotten son. How much? That whoever believes in Him... Anybody, God? Whoever believes in Him... But what about the people who... Whoever believes in Him...

To what extent does God go to prove that He is worthy of our trust. How far will God go to prove that he loves us?

God came from heaven. Came to be a servant. Came to break the power of the devil. Came to conquer death. Came to save the lost. Came to experience our temptations and sufferings. Came to show us the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. He came to prove that he is worthy of our trust. Worthy of our love and loyalty. Worthy of our worship and praise.

What more could God have given, tell me, what more did he have to give?

Can we trust God? Yes. But do we trust God?

What about when He tells you to give up your self and follow Jesus? Do you trust Him?

What about when He tells you to confess Him before others? Do you trust Him?

What about when he tells you to forgive others? Do you trust Him?

What about when he tells you to pray for your enemies? Do you trust him?

What about when he tells you to be committed to the body? Do you trust him?

What about when he tells you to give up your worldly pursuits and serve in Jesus Name? Do you trust him?

In God we trust! Do we? How much?

Do you know what happens to people who trust God?

I’ve been thinking about this as I read my Bible lately. What do I expect God to do for me since I trust Him. I have come across some very uncomfortable stories in the Bible about people who trust God. Do you remember what happened to Stephen? How about the apostles. Remember the apostle James? John’s brother? What about all those people Saul caught worshipping Jesus before he was converted? And when Saul finally became a Christian and trusted the Lord, what were Jesus words about him in Acts 9:16.

Part of the early preaching of the gospel included this message: Acts 14:22. And get a load of the last 2 beatitudes!

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