Summary: God Does everything on a timetable. HIS.

Intro: God Does everything on a timetable. HIS.

I.God’s time does not always match our schedule.

A. We must make time for Him.

B. We must be willing to wait for Him.

C. We must be careful not to push our schedule on Him.

II.God’s timetable can be changed by man.

A. Man’s failure to obey Him.

B. Man’s failure to wait on Him

C. Man’s ignorance of Him.

III.God’s time is Divine

A. He sees the big picture.

B. He has a plan. That plan does not always match ours.

C.He has one goal. His glory.

Conc. We can try to fit God into our schedule but it usually does not work. We are always better to follow his leading and his timetable.

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