Summary: Four things Christ told His disciples would happen "in just a little while".


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Yesterday a team of people from this fellowship gathered to stake out the city for Jesus. We met here, gathered our wooden stakes and literally surrounded this city and drove those wooden stakes into the ground. Much like the prospectors of the gold rush days would stake their claims, we did in the physical what we are believing for in the spiritual. And that is staking our claim to this city for Jesus Christ.

And as I told those who were here Wednesday night, we need to be prepared now for the fallout. What I mean by that is this, we just went out and took back what is rightfully ours. We just claimed this city for Jesus, but I can guarantee that our adversary will not want to let go easily.

But even with that being said, I am elated with joy. I am excited about what God is going to do. Am not really sure what that is just yet, but this I do know, whatever God has for us is a good thing. So let’s look at our scripture verse this morning.

Now this passage takes place just before Christ is arrested in the garden of Gethsemane. This conversation between Jesus and His disciples is only recorded here in the Gospel of John. And within the confines of this passage, we find Jesus trying to explain to the disciples what is about to take place within the next few days. But as Jesus begins to do so, the disciples become confused, and they began to talk among themselves rather than asking Jesus. Jesus was standing right there with them, and He even knew that they wanted to talk to Him, but they chose not to. Isn’t that just like us today? We want to have a better understanding of what God is doing, but instead of asking Him, we will just murmur among ourselves. But that is another sermon for another time.

But this morning I want us to look at four things found in this passage that may help us better realize what is on the horizon for this fellowship.

There are many parallels that we draw from what was taking place during this time when Jesus made these statements and things that are taking place today. As Jesus was speaking, He and His disciples were walking to the Garden of Gethsemane. And as they walked, Jesus explained to His disciples what was about to transpire.

In just a little while…

You will realize that the world is not your friend

Jesus told His disciples that soon they would mourn, but the world would rejoice. Now, there is one thing that we need to get straight – the world is not your friend. The desires of the world are opposite of what God desires for His people. Just a few days prior to this conversation that Jesus was having with His disciples, He entered the city of Jerusalem. This event is known as the Triumphant Entry. This is because the populace was shouting “Hosanna, Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord”. The disciples thought they were on cloud nine. Finally, it had seemed that everyone had joined their side. It’s a cake walk from here. But in just a few days, the same ones who cried, “Hosanna” would cry out “crucify Him!”

Does this sound familiar? On 9/11 it seemed that the vast majority of the world had finally gotten a clue. An outcry for God and prayer was profound. You didn’t hear much from the atheists or the ACLU. But today, the God that everyone was crying out to is once again trying to be cast out of our society. Much like those in the day of Jesus, who thought they could silence Him, in just a little while, would realize that nothing could hold Him back, not even death.

In just a little while…

A new thing is going to be birthed

Jesus began telling His disciples that what was about to happen to Him and to them wasn’t going to be pleasant. He said they would experience anguish, much in the same way a woman in labor does. But when all is said and done, the pain that she endured will fade in light of the new little one she holds in her hand.

Church, listen to what I am about to say. We are going to experience the labor pains associated with a new birth. Some of you ladies here can relate to exactly what this is. It is physically demanding. It is called labor for a reason. It’s work. It’s intensive. But what comes forth as a result of all the effort, is well worth it. Friends, in just a little while, God is going to birth forth, He is going to manifest the next level of the of His divine plan for this house.

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