Summary: A moment is such a small amount of time, but it can make such an impact on each of our lives, both for now and for eternity.

In Moments Like These

-A chorus-

In moments like these

we lift up our hands,

we lift up our hands,

unto Jesus

Eccl. 3:1-4

Great Moments in our lives.

A moment is a small amount of time, usually measured in seconds or minutes. Amazing things take place in just moments. We all have weak moments, emotional moments, defining moments, terrifying moments, and so on. Each of these moments are crucial to our lives and our eternity.

1. A Time to be Born

We all have a specific moment when we came into this world.

We did not choose our parents,neither our race, neither our country or origin.

Some of us were born in poverty, others in the laps of luxury.

None of those things limit us on where we can go in life or what we may end up being.

2. When you First Felt Loved

For most of us, it was probably by a mom and/or a dad.

Realizing that the hug or kiss you received was more than a physical sensation.

There are some who never felt loved until they found the man/woman of their life.

Still, there are others who are going through life trying to find out what love is all about.

3. Knowing that God is Really Real

I was raised in church. The stories about God and Jesus were repeated time and time again. I never seemed to doubt their authenticity.

I even went through the motions and prayed the salvation prayer. But it was all mechanical. That is, until about 15 years of age. I came to a place that family relationships were not making me happy. I could not seem to connect well with my piers at school. I even considered suicide a couple of times as I became despondent. Then, revival came to our little church. I turned it all over to Jesus. He became my best friend. He started dealing with my life, letting me know that He had some plans for my future. There was a desire to know Him more and draw closer to Him.

Those were some very "precious moments".

4. When He Filled me with the Holy Ghost

I sought for this infilling for weeks, if not months. I cried and poured out my heart to Jesus to fill me with this special gift. Then in a moment of time, He filled me with the "promise of the Father".

Like it happened in the book of Acts--suddenly.

Acts 2:2

2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. (KJV)

2 Y de repente vino un estruendo del cielo como de un viento recio que corría, el cual llenó toda la casa donde estaban sentados; (RVG04)

Yes, it happened in a moment, but He has continued with me to this very day.

5. The Day I Got Married

This is the day that made history for me.

Only so, because it was ordained of God. I have no doubt that God helped me to find His perfect will for our marriage. It is no game and not to be taken lightly. Look beyond the physical beauty and the flattery speech. See what kind of character he/she has. How does he treat his mother? How does she talk about her daddy? That is how it will be toward you one day in marriage if you pursue this path.

IL.: You don't want to end up like Tom. One day two friends were passing by the cemetary and they heard someone crying in agony. As they got closer, they recognized a man, kneeling next to a grave. He was crying and wringing his hands, saying, " Oh, Pat, why did you have to die, why, why? Oh, why did you have to leave this earth at such a young age? Oh, Pat, I can hardly stand it, since you left."

The men were admiring his words and felt struck in their heart for this dear man. They had to interrupt, and say something. One said, "Tom, we know you must have really loved your wife, and we are so sorry for your loss." Tom, looked up and quickly answered, "my wife? , she is at home, the person that I am crying to is Pat, her first husband."

Getting married can be a great moment.

Get the right one. Do it in God's time.

6. A Time to Die or A Time to Fly

We all have an appointment with death. It just takes a moment to die. You may struggle with it for quite a while, but death happens in just a moment of time.

Heb. 9:27

27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (KJV)

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