Summary: you can not change what type of mother you had but you can make a difference in the type of mother your child will have

In My Children’s Eyes

Text: I Samuel 1:1-20


1. Mother’s Day

a. Founded in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe

b. Nationally observed/recognized 1872

c. West Virginia was the first to officially recognize it in 1910

d. “The 2nd Sunday in May set aside as Mother’s Day” was signed into existence by President Woodrow Wilson on May 14th 1914

2. FACT: Just because you have children doesn’t make you a mother.

a. You may argue with that but there is a difference between being a “Child Bearer” and a Mother

b. Being a mother is a choice


a. OT: ladies the wives of some of the prominent men we read about often gave the female servant to their husbands to bear children but the wife was still considered the mother/matriarch

b. Example: Rachael and Leah in Genesis

4. You may have children, BUT are you a Mother?

5. Proverbs 31 paints a portrait of a Godly Mother

6. NOTE you can not change what type of mother you had but you can make a difference in the type of mother your child will have!

7. Look at the story of Hannah

a. She was dedicated to her husband, her children and her LORD!

b. Lived in a time that was much like today

i. Immorality

ii. Homo, rape, child and spousal abuse

iii. Murder, kidnapping

iv. Idolatry, war and complete injustice.

v. This was a time in which a “Word from the Lord was rare”

8. Hannah had every reason to be a bad wife, mother, person

a. All the problems of the day

b. A bitter “Wife in Law” that mocked her

c. A time of Spiritual deadness

9. BUT Hannah stood when no one else did

a. There may be a 1,000’s women you can compare yourself to and look OK

b. But today, look at God’s word and His example as you ask yourself …..

10. Am I a mother, am I a wife, am I a lady that pleases GOD?

a. Look at all He has done for you

b. You can never hope to pay HIM back

c. But have you justly lived for HIM?

11. Look at 3 things in the life of Hannah

I. Hannah had a burden for Her family

A) “She was in bitterness of soul” 1:10 (KJV)

a. Mar Maw Raw (Hebrew word)

b. means angry, chafed, discontented

c. She was broken hearted the CEV says

B) She was not happy with the present condition of her family

a. She saw that things could be better in her home

b. And she was determined to do something about it

C) Are you burdened for your family

a. Are you concerned for the welfare of your children

b. How about your husband

c. Is your residence a house or a home?

D) WE need more women to be burdened for their families

a. Most women get real concerned when it is too late

b. When is the last time you had a “ache” in your heart for your child, husband, your home

c. Some of you today are feeling God speak to you on this first point

E) NOTE: revival came to the whole land in Samuels day as a result of a Mother who had a burden

II. Hannah faced her problems with prayer

A) “Hannah prayed silently to the Lord a long time” 1:12

a. This was not a quick “get it over with prayer”

b. Hannah was determined to take something from this prayer session

B) What do you expect to come from your prayer time?

a. An easy conscious? Just to say you did it

b. Or maybe ANSWERS

c. Maybe healthy children, loving home, peace, ETC.

C) What did Hannah’s prayer life reveal?

a. She was persistent in her prayer

i. She didn’t stop until she had an answer

ii. Too often we mention our need one time and expect God to run to our call

b. She was humble in her prayer

i. “she was weeping”

1. she wept sore KJV

2. bitter, heavy crying session

3. WHY?

ii. “I am your servant” vs 11

1. she knew that God did not owe her a thing

2. that as a servant of God any gift would be out of love and Grace

c. She was specific in her prayer

i. 1:11 “please let me have a son”

ii. She let God know exactly what she wanted

iii. Are you specific in your prayers?

iv. Example: you will not go to a restaurant and tell the wait staff, “I want something to eat” no you tell them exactly what you want”

v. Why can we not show the same/greater respect to GOD

vi. Be specific in your request

III. Hannah understood the value of a child

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