Summary: God’s Message to us is that our lives are deficient and we NEED something.

In Need of Something – Pt 2

Romans 3:9-20

* (Please turn with me to Romans 3). In his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly effective people, Dr. Stephen Covey give us habit #2, “Begin with the end in mind.” This habit is built around the twice created principle. Everything is created mentally and then physically.

* To build a house you first conceive it, have an architect draw it, and even give a “rendering of it”. All of this is done before even a shovel of dirt is moved. Then based on the mental work that has been completed, you prepare the ground, buy the materials, and begin to build “based” on those written plans. Not one of us would think of beginning a project like this without having thought it through, planned it out, and having a mental picture of what we desired our house to look like upon completion. To do so would be ludicrous & expensive.

* If we take so much care and planning on building a house, is it a fair question to ask, “why is it that we spend such little time and care on building a life?” For the average person, we get this reversed & physical before we do the mental. The result is life becomes more expensive and doesn’t turn out like we hoped it would.

* For a while this morning, I want you to think about your life. Consider this, when the end of your life on earth comes, what do you desire to be next? Do you want to look back over your earthly life and sense you have lived a full and complete life? When you stand before God, do you wish to hear the words “Well done?” Do you desire to spend an eternity with God in a place called the New Jerusalem? If so, what is it that you need to make that a reality? Our need is driven by our desired destination.

* The more I read scripture and seek intimacy with God, the more I come to believe that today’s message is fundamental and foundational to what we truly desire.

* Let’s Read our text. Today we have read what I would describe as “God’s message to man.” It is not pretty, politically correct, or even palatable, but it is His. He says that we are lacking and need something.

* To understand our need requires some understanding of that which Paul says? We began at verse 1 with:

1) The Exposure of My Sin – We said exposure is painful but necessary for being healed. Then we visited the truths which revealed us as deceived, depraved, & deserving.

2) The Evidence of My Sin – Paul is just getting started. Like a veteran attorney he is building His cause, the indictment is clear. Now he lays out the evidence. And what does he use but sacred documents honored and accepted by his readers. It is the Old Testament. Notice that, in verse 9, he puts all of humanity in the same boat. (Read verse 9) It doesn’t matter who you are.

a) My Attitudes (verses 10-12) When I read verses 10-12 I am struck by Paul’s use of words; no one, not even one, all, and together. There is no one who is righteous, they don’t even understand HOW to be righteous, there’s no one good, and they have become useless. Basically he is communicating that they don’t know and really don’t care how bad they are because they simply don’t understand. Why is this true? Because we have turned away, gone our own way, and the results are devastating; the Bible uses the word “useless or unprofitable.” The Greek word literally means, “spoil.” Have you ever taken a big drink of sour milk? Have you ever been around or started cooking spoiled meat? Can you make this parallel?

b) My Articulations (speech) (verses 13-14). Of all the things which give evidence to our sinful nature, our tongues lead the way. The open grave waits to receive its dead, so the throat waits to see who it can bury. And the tongue will use many devices to accomplish this. It will use deception; it will use poison, profane language, and bitterness. Never forget what James tells us; “no MAN can tame the tongue.” He doesn’t say if you work on it you will tame it, if you mature you will tame it, he doesn’t even say if you’re saved you can tame it. By the way, it’s schizophrenic. James asks, “How can blessings and cursing come out of the same place?” Let me give you a secret; you want to know what is in someone’s heart? Listen to what they say. The words of one’s mouth will give away their heart, EVERY TIME!!

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