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Summary: Peace is what we are all seeking,rather you know it or not. True peace comes only when we cease from our own works and rest in Christ.

In Pursuit of Peace

Text: Psalms 34:13-22

2 kinds of people

Trust in self = evil Trust in God=good

Depart from evil and do good = STOP TRUSTING IN SELF AND TRUST IN GOD.

Peace= Calmness or stillness ( all looking for calmness or stillness in our lives.)




Illustration: Missionaries teaching Indians of Gospel of Peace. No word for peace. Finally concluded with a heart that sets down.

Parallel: Some have know answer or word for what they are feeling only they feel the loss inside them and in their life. Many times we try to feel the void, only making the equation that much more difficult. Answer is the heart that sets down. If I tried to set down in mid air here would be the comparison. Weight of my body and the gravity below me is the weight of life and the troubles that overwhelm us, the muscles in my legs is the might of my own works and ideas, they hold me up for quite a while but soon it all works together to bring me to my fall. This chair represents Christ when I set on it there is a calmness and a stillness that only comes by him bearing my burdens. Sometimes God waits until we are almost to the floor before he send salvation in to catch us.

Heb. 4:10 says he that rests has ceased from his own works.

Nothing good in you and me, not enough time, strength, or wisdom to bring peace, calmness or stillness to your situation. You only make the problem worse . Lean on Christ depend on him and let him bare your burdens.

Jesus Christ is our Peace/ Not drugs or alcohol, or your job or your boyfriend, but Jesus Christ is our Peace.

Prince of Peace

God of all Peace

Jesus said, “ Peace I leave with you but not peace as the world gives it.” The world says have peace with yourself, nature, universe, mankind but what you need is peace with God.

Peace that passeth all understanding, Don’t try to understand and fathom Gods peace just receive it and believe it and depend on it. Sometimes we try to help God bring peace to our situation but remember his peace is beyond your understanding. Sometimes we cant even see peace coming but just believe that his ways surpass yours.

Mark 4:35

God wants us to have peace in his word and his promises that what he said he would do he will do, God is with you just as he was with them in the boat though it seemed as if he was sleeping he was still with them and he’s promise to get them to the other side was still just as good. Gave peace in Gods word and he’s presence. Know that if God said he will save your Husband, heal your body, or bring the money to your financial needs he will do it, just have peace in his word and cease from your own works and have peace in his.

Luke 15: 8-9

That little old lady had 9 pieces of silver but I don’t know maybe it was ten that she needed to pay the bills I don’t know but I know that to her until she found the piece that was missing the rest was useless to her. She lit a candle and swept the house until she found the she had lost, then she called all her friends to celebrate with her for she had found the piece she had lost.

Friend I don’t care what you got in life money, fame, or position I don’t care because until you find the peace in which you are missing (Jesus Christ) you don’t have enough to pay the debt of sin.

Maybe today you know what you lost and you know you are unsatisfied. Friend light the candle ( word of God is light unto your path) of the word of God in your heart, the word of God reveals and exposes everything in the dark. Sweep the house today and find your missing peace.

Seek peace and pursue it!!!!!!!!!

Leave you own ideas and philosophies and seek Gods peace. Pursue it . Pursue means to follow closely, don’t only find and recognize Gods Peace but follow him closely. And in all thy ways acknowledge him.

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