Summary: We are a forgetful people. Not only do we forget names, where we put our wallet, the meaning of memorial day - but we also tend to forget God and all that he has done for us... - THAT IS WHY throughout the bible God’s people are exhorted to remember him.

"In Remembrance Of Me"

Do you ever have trouble forgetting things?

Do you ever forget where you put your keys?, Wallet? Checkbook? a telephone number you’ve written down? someone’s name? a birthday or an anniversary?

Well everyone forgets at one time or another, according to Karen Bolla, a John Hopkins University researcher. These are the things people most often forget;

. names . where something is . telephone numbers . words . what was said . faces

It’s said that there are really only 3 kinds of memory - good, bad and convenient.

I’ve always liked the story of the 3 old widows who lived together. One sister got up to go to bed, half way up the stairs she stopped and asked "was I going up or was I coming down"

One sister replied with hint of aggravation, "you were going up to bed."

A second sister headed into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. Once in the kitchen she hollered back to her sister who was still down stairs; "what did I come in here for"

The sister responded again with a trace of irritation, "you went in to make yourself a sandwich" after which she said; "I’m so glad I am not as forgetful as the both of you are" as she knock on the end table.

And then she got up and walked over to the door and said "Who is it?"

Yes, we are a forgetful people. And from my vast experience I have concluded that forgetfulness is not a respecter of age. And there fore we come up with all kinds of ways to help us remember; (string around finger; post it notes, day planners, memory courses). And most of us do need a little help to remember.

This weekend is the observance of a very special holiday in our country. This as you all know is Memorial Day Weekend. And contrary to popular practice and understanding this day means much more than: cook outs, boating, beach trips, BBQ’S, pool openings, or 4 day weekends. NOW I’m saying that those things are bad - they are fine and good, but memorial day has a much deeper meaning - it is a time set aside every year, to both remember and honor those men & women who have died, who have given the ultimate gift, their life’s in battle for our country.

Memorial Day originated during the Civil War when some southern women choose May 30 to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. And these women honored the dead of both the Union and Confederate armies. A war that took over 600,000 lives. And remember the population was much less and therefor just about the entire country was touched in one way or another with the death of a loved one.

Now fortunately because of the sacrifices of those in our past most of us in this room today have not had to suffer the loss of a loved one in battle. So on this day let us not fail to remember those whose lives brought us this freedom we now enjoy to go to the beach and have BBQ’S.

Yes we are a forgetful people, and not only do we forget names, where we put our wallet, the meaning of memorial day - but we also tend to forget God and all that he has done for us... - THAT IS WHY throughout the bible God’s people are exhorted to remember him. (over 100 examples of this in the bible)

"Remember well what the Lord your God did..." Dt 7:18

"Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the Lord your God redeemed you from there..." Dt 24:18

"Remember the wonders he has done..." Ps 105:5

"Remember this, fix it in your mind take it to heart..." Is 46:8

"Remember that in the past you were without Christ. You were not citizens of Israel, and you had no part in the agreements with the promise that God made to his people. You had no hope and you did not know God. But know in Christ jesus, you who were far away from God are brought near through the blood of Christ’s death..."

Eph 2:12,13

2 PETER 1:12-15

We are a forgetful people - that is why God through out His Word exhorts us to remember and that is why for nearly 3,500 years God’s people have had a memorial feast (a string around their finger) that they were commanded to observe in order to aid their memory.

Today’s message is entitle "Do This in remembrance of me" now these are familiar words to us - they are even engraved on the front of this table.

Luke 22:7-24

As I reflected on this passage this week - I found it to be interesting - significant and intriguing... Let me explain.

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