Summary: What is Christmas? or What is the meaning of Christmas? sometimes, when we say Christmas, it is always incorporate with gifts, Christmas stories, etc. but what is the true meaning of Christmas?

1. To experience Him is to know that Christ is in our hearts and that He is our Salvation (27-31).

We need to experience Him as Family. It is not under the tree matters, it is what surrounds it. Just like what Simeon felt, He was fulfilled and complete as he see Jesus Christ. This experience is stupendous. How much more if we are with our family can experience Him.

For more than 20 years of my life, I spend Christmas alone, so usually I just sleep the whole night. That is why if I will be given a chance to celebrate it with others, I might come. What I am saying is that, because you still have the opportunity to be with your family, grab it.

However, even I am alone, I am not alone; I am not hurt, because I know that I am with my God. Eating dinner with Him alone is the best dinner that I can have. To be in His presence is the best time that I will ever have. Talking to Him is the best chat.

This experience is incomparable, not like the gifts we received on Christmas; this is the gift of God for us. The gift to experience HIM.

2. Because of that, We can ENJOY HIM. (29 – 32)

As Simeon Enjoys the presence of the Messiah, may we as well enjoy Christ’s presence.

Enjoying him is like a time with our lover, or Kids, when you are with your best friend. When you are with someone, time seems so fast. You are so busy to enjoying each other’s company. Enjoying jokes, enjoying laughter, enjoying a quality time with your family. To enjoy is Cherishing these moments.

To enjoy Him is to know and feel that He is the light in our darkness, He is the hope in our discouragement and despair. He is our Joy in sadness and emptiness. He is our healing in our sickness. He is our strength in our weaknesses. (v32)

He is our Salvation in this dark, troubled and sinful world.

3. To expose Him is to share the love of Jesus Christ (33 – 35)

Simeon exposed to Mary who Jesus is. He is the Messiah; He will rescue the Israel and the world. He will be persecuted. He died for us, and she marveled.

To share to others that those who are still living in darkness, can have a shed of light; a strength and hope in any circumstances through Jesus Christ. My challenge for you is to GIVE hope to those who think that they are hopeless. Show them the love you felt from God. Let them experience and enjoy the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.


That is TRUE CHRISTMAS IS as Fraye Starks said "Christmas is not an external event at all, but a piece of one's home that one caries in one's heart" Calvin Coolidge said "Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas".

But I say to you; True Christmas is to experience the Love of Jesus Christ while enjoying His presence and exposing His love to others.

Remember that CHRIST is the reason for this SEASON.

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