Summary: Who & What are you searching?

Luke 2:14-15

In each of us there is a longing. We have been created with the desire to fulfill that longing in our soul. Nothing of this world can satisfy that longing in our soul. But Jesus fills the longing in us. There were people searching for Jesus shortly after his birth, and there will always be people searching for Jesus. He will never become irrelevant. He is still today what are soul is searching for.

1. SHEPHERDS SEARCH FOR A SAVIOR - The Shepherds got a personal invitation from divine messengers angels (Luke 2:9-12) These were common farm hands that received this personal invite from God at the hands of angels. They were told a Savior had been born.

* Message to us: He came for the common everyday people. No credentials necessary. The shepherds came just as they were. And so can we. We all need a savior, and God let us know that he had not come to rescue just the Kings or rich & powerful people, he came for all of us.

I'm sure that if we were in charge of planning the introduction to the world of God's one & only son, we would have done it quite differently. We would not have sent angels to shepherds, or had God's son in the care of a teenager. And we for sure would't have his entry into our world in a dirty stinky barn. We would have envisioned far greater grandeur.

"Let's go and see this thing" - Jesus still invites us to come and see for ourselves. Come and experience Jesus. Jesus to Thomas: "put you fringier in the nail print, your hand in my side." Come and see! Whosoever will may come - (Revelation 22:17)

2. WISE MEN SEARCH FOR A KING - Matthew 2:1-2 - "Where is the one born King of the Jews? We have seen his star in the east & have come to worship him."

A. The wise men were aware of the prophecies of the messiah. Jesus came to reveal the Kingdom of God to mankind.

B. Jesus is God & worthy of our Worship

C. Jesus place in your life is to be King - He will be your Savior, but he desires to be King - You have a choice everyday, who will sit on the throne of your life. If you are Wise - you will let Jesus be on the throne.

3. KING HEROD'S SEARCH FOR A RIVAL: When the Wise men were searching for the Messiah/King, they stopped at King Herod's palace to ask for directions. (Very Wise) Herod heard about this king and was troubled and sought for answers. He told the wise men to send back word when they had found the king so that he could go worship him as well. Herod represents the Devil & the Flesh in our lives. He is a deceiver. His motive was to eliminate a rival king. He wanted to kill Jesus. Today the Devil will do anything in his power to kill your relationship with Jesus Christ. You & I battle with this rival everyday. It is the battle between the flesh & the Spirit. Whatever is the strongest wins. When you feed the Spirit in your life with the Word, Worship, Prayer & intimacy with God, the Spirit wins. When you feed your flesh with all the things the flesh desires, the flesh wins.

The question is Who/ What are you Searching? Do you need a Savior? Do you want Jesus to be the King? or have you let Satan's schemes deceive you & kill the Son of God in your life?

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