Summary: Genesis 1:2- And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

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..And is a word used to show relativity between 2 things. It is usually not used as the beginning of a sentence. In the above case it shows the relativity between the foregoing verse and the one about to start. And the earth was without form.. The same earth that was spoken about in the previous verse. The same earth that was not existing before but was created. The same earth that God in His majesty thought to create was without form. Without form means it was shapeless and dint have any definite structure. It was just "all over the place". Have you ever been faced with something the was "all over the place"? A man building a skyscraper at the beginning the place look shapeless and formless, without any definite structure. Everyone looking from far would wonder what the man is doing. Infact, whilst he is building the foundation it all looks like wasted effort- no result to show for it. If God's creation at the beginning was without form it shouldn't surprise you that what you've start don't seem to have a definite structure yet. The only person that had the full picture of the end product of this creation called earth @ this time was God. Everyone else saw formless. The only person that knows the end product of your dream is YOU! No matter how hard you try to explain it to people they would never see beyond the physical. God didn't waste time explaining to people why there wasn't form or structure to His creation He just went on with His work. Your job is not to convince people to understand what you're doing, your job is to do your job and finish it!

..and void.. This is a state of emptiness, containing nothing. It could also mean a state of non existence. This powerful project God started himself looked empty, lacked life or substance. I'm sure the sight of it would have made a feeble mind faint but not Jehovah. Not only did the earth lack form or structure it also look empty. Never be trouble when you see emptiness around you, it is a proof that you have resources enough to fill it. Are there area in your life that needs filling? It is a proof that the God who created the earth and all that's therein is about to fill that area of your life.

..darkness was upon the face of the deep..darkness is the absence of light! When light shows up darkness has no choice but to disappear. At the beginning of the creation of the earth there was darkness. Darkness hides resources from the eyes. However beautiful a room is decorated if it is in darkness no one would be able to see the beauty, there are potentials in your life and my life that's not yet been unveil because of darkness around us. Darkness cover the face of the deep.. There must have been a very rich potential in the deep but it was un accessible whilst the darkness remained. Darkness can also represent lack of knowledge, we can be in the dark regarding things and people around us. People have walked past people in life that would have provided them answers to the issues in their life but they didn't know( were in the dark). There are things we do that seem worthless or insignificant to us because we are in the dark regarding the impact of those things. May God lighten our darkness in Jesus name. So the earth, God's own creation was without form, void and filled with darkness!! Unbelievable!!

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