Summary: Restoring time valued standards of a true Christian marriage and my position against same sex marriage and other attacks on the marriage institution.

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Matt 19:3-9

Jere 18:11-17

Each time I think of the level of violence and evil that has been unleashed these days, all I can think about are the teachings of ancient prophet Jeremiah as he sought to speak to the children of Judah in vain to depart from their evil ways and their waywardness that earned him the name, the weeping prophet. One of the institutions that has received the greatest bashing of all is the institution of marriage, and the church is keeping utterly silent.

I read a piece in the newspaper recently as the United States Supreme Court is just about to enter judgment in a landmark case on same sex marriage. As it stands it is almost obvious what direction the case will go as the press try to whip up mass support for same sex marriage. Nine Supreme Court justices will be giving a ruling in June on the legality of a recent California ballot initiative that limits marriage to couples of opposite sex. Another panel will also look at the provision of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act which limits the definition of marriage to opposite sex couples. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that such matter would even be considered or giving a hearing. But today the issue of gay rights have been taken to the level of a civil right issue and an action in protection of the fundamental human rights of the people in a situation where the standard of morality is no longer determined by the church and the word of God.

Today, more states in the United States of America are approving gay marriages on a daily basis. The Anglican Church has even approved the appointment of gays as priests and even Bishops, and are very much on the path of supporting gay marriages. More nations in the world are approving gay marriages, including a recent vote supporting it by the UK parliament. My greatest opposition of Obama are based on the fact that his election has been hinged on his support for gay marriages and stem cell research. Five years of Obama as the President of the US has seen the greatest advancement of the cause of gay rights like never before in history. Hilary Clinton is poised to succeed him as President of the US in a campaign that will see the Clinton's work together with the Obama Baracks. Hilary has also endorsed gay marriages.

According to a CNN poll, 58% of Americans presently support gay marriages. I do not know if this is true. But I know that CNN is one of those corporate concerns that have been fighting the cause of gay rights. Another poll says that 80% of Americans under the age of 30 years are in support of gay marriage. What the young people accept in America will sooner or later be adopted by Nigerian youth. Even some conservative Republicans in America are now openly endorsing gay marriages. The institution of marriage is under severe siege.

In the past the main attack of the institution was polygamy which is still in existence especially in less developed Africa. Today in more advanced nations you are beginning to hear of things like open marriages where you can just step out and have an adulterous affair as long as you tell your spouse. There are also things like husband and wife swapping, where two couples share each other. Then, you have celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who until recently refused to get married and did what they called civil partner. If you understand the media hype between Brangelina you will appreciate the effect of these two couples rejecting marriage as the best example of a union between a man and a woman. Between the two of them they presently have six children out of which they adopted three and gave birth to three. Their first child whom they incidentally named Shiloh was followed by unprecedented publicity that they had to go to Namibia to have him. The press dubbed him the most anticipated birth of a child since Jesus Christ and People magazine paid $7.5 million for the right to publish the first photos of the child in Europe and America.

All these are contraptions of the devil put together challenge the institution of marriage and make it appear pointless to marry. Why?

It is not an accident that God started creation with a marriage. The book of Malachi which is the last book in the Old Testament speaks on the importance of the restoration of the institution of marriage. A major aspect of the ministry of Jesus Christ speaks about the great importance of marriage which is well emphasized in the teachings of Peter and Paul. Finally, this dispensation shall be terminated with the marriage supper of the lamb and the second coming of Jesus. Rev 19:9. The marriage covenant is likened to the covenant between Christ and the church which is the basis for our blessing and the authority which we possess.

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