Summary: In the beginning God.. I have looked closely @ this part of the verse for a while now and there are few points that I believe would be important to note from it.

In the beginning God.. I have looked closely @ this part of the verse for a while now and there are few points that I believe would be important to note from it.

1. There is always a beginning for everything in life- In the beginning..assures me that everything I see around me were not in existence @ some point until they were started. There was nothing like the sun, moon and stars, there was nothing like the beautiful clouds, the waters, and the wonderful landscape @ some point. They all started up one day!

Application: there are things in my life @ the moment that are non existent but would show up one day as the Lord liveth! There are hopes and dreams in my heart that no one can see @ the moment but would manifest sometimes soon. There are potentials and giftings inside you that people haven't seen yet but one day soon would be your own beginning!

2. God was before the beginning- In the beginning God.. The writer of the book of Genesis which by the way means the book of beginnings backed up in history as far as he could go but still found God was there. Moses(writter of Genesis) had written the book by inspiration of the Holy Ghost but even then couldn't explain the beginning before God. Science and new age religion has tried in different ways to explain away the world and all the creations therein but none of the has been able to see beyond a certain beginning. Even the bible says He is alpha(beginning) and omega(ending). He is not bound by time because He is eternal. He doesn't grow old or young - He is the ancient of days! He cannot die because He was not born. He cannot be killed because He was not created! John further confirmed this in John 1:1 by say this same statement: "In the beginning was "the word"..and the word was God". That's why He can never be late because He holds time in His hands! In the beginning God!!!

Application: Nothing I'm going through @ the moment is a suprise to God! He was @the beginning! He knew the issues before they were "introduced" to me! He also knew me even before I became a fertilized egg in my mother's womb. He knows me! Not only does He knows me from my beginning, He knows all my issues and challenges from the beginning! He also knows exactly when my story would begin to turn around!

He is also timeless, that is, not bound by time hence He does not have to follow man's time table to do for me what He wants to do! How do I know this? Bible records that a particular virgin was waiting to get married first before giving birth but God interrupted time, cut off the whole period of waiting and marriage and made her pregnant against the normal cycle of things! He is also never late - the sisters of Lazarus thought Jesus was late because according to them " now he stinketh". He stopped time on the decaying body of Lazarus reversed the process of decay and called back Lazarus to life! In the beginning God..

3. In the beginning God created.. The most interesting definition of the word create for me in the english dictionary is to bring something into existence. Which mean that thing wasn't there before but by some power or force it was brought into existence. Our God is a creator! He created the world out of nothing and brought beauty into existence. If He created before it tells me He has the ability and capability to create and if need be He can do it again. Didn't the bible say in the book of Hebrews that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If God is my Father and He is a creator and I carry His gene, then I must be able to bring out something out of nothing! Didn't the Jesus say that this work that this work that I do you shall also do and greater works shall you do also.. Talking about the believers.

4. In the beginning God created the heavens.. Even the english dictionary confirms that heaven is God's abode! I have a very interesting question to ask though. Before God created the heavens where was He residing? The bible says heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool. Several scriptures confirm heaven as a place of residence for celestial beings, angels and creators of celestial properties who all have singular object or person of worship - God! The description of heaven is so mind blowing that it pales the utmost splendor that man has ever seen or experience. Bible says the street of heaven are paved with gold! I don't know any city in this world no matter how rich they are would use gold to lay the surface of their road. Gold which glitters and is very precious and valuable on earth is the dust of heaven - interesting! People kill and are killed for this commodity that's so abundant in heaven that no one take note of it. As rich and breathtaking the description of heaven is it had a beginning - God. No matter how blessed or gift and anointed you are always remember that you were made out of nothing! All of your splendour, beauty and excellence are the creation of someone. I also wonder what we are building for God on earth as His habitation. We raise great sums of money to build monumental architectural masterpieces and say this is God's house. This is wonderful and very laudable but the truth is that no matter how majestic and magnificent our church buildings are they can never be enough to house the King of Heaven! Imagine the King of a land where the dust on the sidewalk is gold being offered accommodation in a hog pen. That's why He said His house shall be in the heart of men and not in any structure made by man. As wonderful as the thought of heaven is it is also worthy of note that no one wants to go there! Even christians who profess heaven as our home would quickly bind and cast at the suggestion they should go 'home'. We satisfy ourselves with the dung of this earth, complain and mourn about how miserable the earth is but jump at any sign of threat to our earthly existence. Heaven is a destination not what we dream and think about w5. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - the earth like it or not is a creation of a powerful God! The earth is the Lord's and the fullness there of! God is not only the CEO of Heaven, He is also the Founder of this world we all strive and struggle to possess. Looking around and about you you'd be stunned by the beauty you see in this masterpiece of creation. The sky, the clouds, the stars, the moon, the sun etc all blend together to give you a wonderful work of art. This however is also inter laced with certain things that make a beautiful place not so beautiful. You would find all sorts of peril, dangers and snare in the earth as well as all the goodness. I must then remind us that in the beginning it was not so! All that was created at first was beautiful be there was also a day of beginning for the other negatives. If you're not careful in life what beauty you glory in what gold glitters for you can in a matter of time be tarnished. That's why the good book admonishes us to watch and pray!

I can go on and on with this verse but I'd leave room for another opportuned time. It is my prayer and desire that God would begin something new in my life and yours in Jesus name(Amen).

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