Summary: Sermon describes how the church can be when everyone is on one accord

The Dwelling Place

Texts ! Samuel 10:6-7, 9-12, Samuel 19:18-24

PURPOSE: For believers to understand that there is Safety & deliverance in the Midst of the Holy Spirit.

KEY WORDS: Naioth: Means the Dwelling Place.

Ramah: The High Place

Sechu: Observatory

Prophesy: To reveal the Will or message of God

Prophesying: Inspire Teaching

Prophet: One who speaks by divine inspiration; or as the interpretation through whom the will of God is express.

Messenger: A bearer of news.

Samuel: Last of the Judges first of the prophet

School: The building or Group of buildings in which instruction is given or in which students work & live.


1. In times of trouble David Sought his elder of his Faith for advice.

2. Saul once was a prophet, at Naioth at Ramah 1Samuel 10:11

3. Every messenger that came in the presence of the Spirit among the prophets left change even Saul himself .

4. The other believers or Prophets followed or was on one accord with Samuel.

5. Each person or messenger that left the presence of the holy Spirit left speaking of God or prophesying.

6. Others will see a change when you leave the presence of the Holy Spirit,

7. People Change in the presence of God.

8. When People are on one accord, or where 2 or 3 are gather in together I am in the midst Matthew 10:18-20p

9. Saul been on that route before, so it was not like he wasn’t a man of God just that when folk stray away from there calling or the dwelling place, evil can settle in but on the return to the dwelling place what was once thought to be, would be now again.

10. David & Saul both shared the same teacher, Saul was tending to the flock as well as David.

Key Points

1. Who do you run to when you are in trouble.

A. David sought God

B. David ran to someone who knew God.

C. David teacher knew God also & led him to the Lord presence.

Like David we should run to the Lord in troubling situations, and share the situation with someone of the same faith, who would confirm what God can & will do;

2. When someone is seeking you with a distressing situation What do you do.

A. Samuel heard what was going on, but still led David among the other believers.

B. Samuel was the same teacher of both David & Saul but still led him to worship & pray with other believers in regards to the situation at hand.

Like Samuel we should take every situation to prayer & mediation, make all are request know unto God, who is the author and finisher of our faith. Also no matter who the disagreeing parties are we should take the issue to where God dwells at. So both parties or people should leave with the same respect for you and God. For you are led by God.

3. HOW should the other of the same faith respond, that is ask for special favor or participation.

A. There is no record of how the other prophet complained about how this was unscheduled, or why must Samuel lead. They enter in with hearts of thanksgiving.

They put all difference aside & met the need for praise at that moment.

Like the others prophets we should all be on one accord, and ready to follow the problems of the people and disagreements he notice there praise

4. When everyone is on one accord what happened.

A The messenger recognize the unity.

B The messengers join

C. The messenger was converted

D. The messengers left with a different message

When everyone is on one accord the message is easier to come across, when everyone is on one accord messages mint for the worse turns out to be the best. When everyone is on one accord the spirit moves a lot more freely, and messages of hopelessness turns into hope, messages of pain turns into message of love, message of distress turns into messages of rest. Interruptions turns to intercession, insecurity turns to eternal security when everyone is on one accord.

In The Dwelling Place

Giving respect to God, My Pastor here in Phoenix - Pastor Stuart and thanking him, for giving me another opportunity to bring Gods Holy Word to His people. I thank all of you who came out to support me; my family, friends, and associate ministers. BRIEF PRAYER ASKING God to control my tongue, nervousness & how his words should be preached, allowing God to use every inch of me in presenting his Holy Word.

I come here believing God habits the praises of people. I come also as a witness knowing that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I know that when praises goes up blessing will comes down. I agree with the book of Isaiah in chapter 59: verse 19b when it says, “When the enemies come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” Fred Hammond said it wont work, there also deliverance at the Potter House. (–Eye Contact time– Give testimony of high praise and comfort Conclude how everything that was said about you, or your imagination was squashed)

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