Summary: Encouragement found in God's Word to just Be Still in the midst of all the chaos in the world today


Events happening in the world; terrorism (foreign & domestic) (Virginia/North Carolina)

We are a nation that is coming to a climax of division

Could have a second civil war? Could be on brink of WW3?

Many get worked up…even me at times

But then God! As I read this passage He is telling us all “In the Midst of Chaos: Be Still

Read all verses but will focus on vs 10 (read/pray)

Notice in these verses God goes through and says

Though earth give way; though mountains fall into sea

Waters roar and mountains quake

Vs 1 - God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble – have no fear

Trans: Then after telling of the chaos that ensues in all this, He tells us…


I know that’s the last thing we do (Expound)

First to BE STILL doesn’t mean motionless

The Hebrew word is RAPHAH (RA FA) which means to RELAX and LET GO; To CEASE

Other words: don’t get all worked up, quit striving – BE STILL – Cease; let go; Relax

Today’s lingo – CHILL OUT

In the midst of all the CHAOS; whatever that might be


Psa 62:5 “My soul, WAIT SILENTLY for God alone

Many of our personalities is to WORRY

Look what Jesus says in Matt 6:25-34 (turn there)

Vs 27 (read) saying is “what can you do to change the situation by worrying”

Get unpleasant news – Be Still

Going through tough times – Be Still

Phil 4:6-7, “Be anxious for nothing BUT in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your request be made know to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Trans: He says not only to be still but…


Why does he say that here? I think it’s because we often forget just how powerful and amazing God is

Look at the preceding verses 1-6, and 8-9

He is reminding us WHO is really in charge and WHO really has great power

Look at Psa 93:3-4

Psa 46:1 – “God is our refuge and strength”

REFUGE means “shelter from the storm; shelter from danger or falsehood”

STRENGTH means “material or physical or personal or social or political”

It has the same connotation as a hen places her wings over her chicks to protect them

“A very present help” means He is right there, right now

No matter what the trouble is

Reminded of Emmanuel – God with us – He is always present

Because He is always there – we will not fear!

Look at vs. 7 (read) he goes on to repeat this again in vs 11

Why? So that we will get it!

No matter the circustances; no matter the news; no matter what is happening in politics

No matter who is in government; no matter who protests?

No Matter come what may?

He is with us and He is our refuge!

Though the mountains fall into the sea; and the waters rage

He is with us and He is our refuge!


In the midst of the Chaos; Be STILL

BE STILL – be silent; don’t worry – won’t do any good

Actually will do harm – don’t worry; don’t fret

Be still – Chill out – relax – Let Go

Know that He is God – There is no one nowhere more powerful

No one loves you more; cares for you more; longs for you more THAN GOD

Though everything falls apart – Know He is God – He is in control


What do you need to let go of and be still about today?

What do you need to let go and Let God be God in today?


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