Summary: We have seen the trials of job and then we say a silent prayer that it would not happen to us. We have questions and we have people that are willing to give advice and we have to sort out if it is good advice. What does the Lord say through the experiences of Job?

Lessons learned from Job #4

In the midst of suffering

Job chapter 4 Selected verses

Introduction- Sermon title- In the midst of suffering…What do you do?

We have been in a study of Job.

We have looked at the trials that have happened to Job and then we say a silent prayer that all those things would not happen to us.

Inflicted with the loss of his wealth, his possessions and while trying to regroup losing his complete family.

Soon after he physically has to deal with boils all over his body.

His wife is no help, she does not understand what is happening and wants her husband to curse God and die.

We have seen a long list of questions answered because of what has happened to Job.

Why do bad things happen to Good people?-because we live in a fallen world, because we have a choice, people do some pretty bad things to each other.

We see from the conversation that God and Satan have concerning his servant Job that God sometimes allows things to happen so that we learn from them and also so God’s glory can be reflected by our actions.

Are we foolish? Are we foolish to believe like Job’s wife that we could curse God and not see consequences in our life?

To listen to the bad advice of someone that moves us away from God instead of toward God.

Last week-

We looked at Job and him dealing with depression and disappointment.

That is one hurting man with a lot of issues.

His heart is laid wide open because of what is happening in his life.

He is yelling at God, crying out to God, and he is looking for some comfort from God and from his friends.

Job chapter 4- Eliphaz speaking to Job in a depressed state of mind

Job 4:1-21


So if we were to highlight the book of Job;

Were learning that chapters 1-3 was God’s test of Job of his faithfulness through Satan attacking every aspect of his life short of killing him. He had no idea that God was allowing this because he could not see the big picture like God could.

Chapters 4-37 is a dialog of his 3 friends giving him advice of what he ought to do since God has forsaken him and is punishing him.

Chapters 38 till the end of Job, Almighty God begins restoration to Jobs life.

Eliphaz believes that all this is happening because Job has sin going on in his life.

He is suffering because he is not listening to God and not obeying God.

When he begins listening, all this turmoil will stop.

4:12- Eliphaz says to Job that God himself woke him up in a dream and told him about what was happening with Job.

While everyone else was sleeping and dreaming Job, God woke me up to talk about you.

Spirit of God came past me and made the hair of my head stand up.

I could not make out his face, but this is what he said to me… “Can a mortal be more righteous than God? “Can even a strong man be more pure than his maker?”

Let that settle a minute

Don’t you just hate a conversation that starts… I don’t want to get into your business but… because it always gets into your business! Amen.

I don’t want to gossip but… I just have to tell you about…

Do you know what I just heard about …

Job 5:8- Eliphaz to Job “But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him.”

Job the trouble that has come to you is because of sin in your life. Great! Thanks!

The calamites you face are because you are in some kind of rebellion to God. (secret sin)

He tells Job how he can fix it- it’s easy Job, this is all you do… you fear God and come back to faith in Him.

You are not as blameless as you pretend Job. There is sin somewhere.

Job was a super saint to his friends as a wealthy business man but as soon as trouble hit him and this friends saw him under the hand of God’ correction, they felt it was all Job and somewhere he abandoned his faith and his walk with God.

He tells him whatever you did before the crisis began, do it again.

Re-establish you confidence back to what it was and not what it is now.

Eliphaz is probing Job- At one time you trusted God… why did you stop?

Do not turn back from your former ways.

Treating him like a backsliden believer.

Get back to the basics Job. This must be all your fault!

Commentators are divided over the tone of Eliphaz in chapter 4-5.

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