Summary: This is a message to the church - to show the importance of Praying - In The Name Of Jesus !

Good morning!

Say opening prayer! Help Holy Spirit!

The title of my message today is:

In the name of Jesus

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live under the rule of an earthly king?

The people of the Old Testament times chose to be ruled by a king.

Can you imagine approaching the king, to make a request of him? It would be a very tense moment.

Because you would realize that he held the power in his hands to do something good for you or he might be having a bad day or didn’t particularly like your looks and decided to do something against you.

You would be totally at his mercy!

We can thank God that we don’t live in that day and age!

But actually, right this very moment-we do have a king ruling over us!

Not and earthly king but a Heavenly King !

God Almighty is his name!

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

All of heaven and all of earth are ruled by him.

Even those who don’t acknowledge him as Lord-will one day bow down to him!

And this Heavenly King is more anxious to hear from you than you are to speak to him!

Today when e Humble ourselves - and offer the Sacrifice of Praise or Thanksgiving - or make a prayer request --

God is right there ready and waiting to hear from us and to commune with us.

It is as if we’re standing at the foot of God’s throne speaking to him.

But that’s not how easy they had it in the Old Testament times.

Do you remember reading about how was?

In the Old Testament accounts - the people had a certain amount of fear when they thought about coming into the presence of God.

The Bible tells us that no one could look upon the face of God and live.

Remember when God spoke to Moses through burning bush?

The Bible says that he hid his face because he was afraid to look at God!

And remember when got spoke to the Israelites in the desert and a loud audible voice.

The Bible says the people were afraid-they wanted Moses to speak to God for them.

Or how about the time that the ark of the covenant was being moved from one place to another and those caring the ark lost their footing. And someone next to the ark reached out and touched the ark. And this man-immediately fell dead. And this man was a man of God!

God had given specific instructions on who was allowed to move the ark.

And how about in the tent of the tabernacle on the day of atonement when the priests were to enter the holy of holies. Which God allowed them to do only once a year.

The priest could not enter: into God’s presence without first being cleansed - and he must have a sacrifice of an animal. Because blood is the only thing that will atone for Sin.

Even the sins of the priest had to be covered by the blood of an animal.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it is too easy to forget-that God is Holy!

We can forget that he is full of glory and magnificent in every way! We can take God for granted.

We are privileged people living under God’s new covenant, which is a covenant of grace.

We’re now - in a dispensation of grace.

This means-that God saw a need to change the way that he cares for his people.

The Old Testament people were under a dispensation of law- but we are under grace.

He might be thinking- wait a minute: I was always taught that God is the same yesterday today and forever.

Well, he still is the same !

He still looks at Sin in the same way he did ever since that first sin – in the garden of Eden.

God still counts it: As sin -- if we don’t follow his laws and commands and precepts. And God still loves each person in this world unconditionally.

And these things will never change.

The simplest way to explain the word dispensation is to relate it with: the way an earthly father changes the way they deal with their children as time goes by.

We can be thankful today that God saw our need for a savior!

And reacted to that need and sent his son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins.

And we can be thankful that God accepts Jesus’ shed blood as full payment of our Sin debt.

And right now: Because of God’s grace and the finished works of Jesus Christ upon the Cross of Calvary.

We believers can approach God’s throne of grace-- by way of our prayers!

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