Summary: When you are at your wits end, who can you trust to get you through it?

This is the second message in our series “I’m at my wits end”

Typically when we are stressed beyond our limits, we don’t know from one minute to the next what to do or where to turn

So what can I do?

Let’s look at Proverbs 3:5-6

Our Scripture passage that we read this morning was written by the wisest natural man who ever lived – King Solomon

And perhaps of all the wise things Solomon ever said or wrote, this particular passage may be the wisest

Let’s break this passage down and take a more in depth look at it

1. Trust in the Lord

What does it really mean to trust someone?

It means to have confidence or reliance in someone or something

I can be confident in or rely upon God

He hasn’t given me a reason not to

We can trust God with our eternal salvation, but can’t trust Him at times to provide our most basic needs

For those of you who may put your trust into someone else, that’s your business, but for me I can’t trust anyone but the Lord

It wasn’t Allah who loved me enough to send his only son to die for me – I can’t trust him

It wasn’t Muhammad who took his cross and stamped “pardon” on my soul to save me from a devil’s hell – I can’t trust him

It isn’t some new age crystal that heals me from my sicknesses – I can’t trust it

It wasn’t Buddah who divinely inspired the writing of an infallible, inerrant revelation of his character to me – I can’t trust him

It isn’t Nostradamus who thinks thoughts of peace and not of evil towards me to give me a future and a hope – I can’t trust him

It isn’t Krishna who gives me joy unspeakable and full of glory – I can’t trust him

It isn’t Sun Myung Moon who gives me peace that passes all understanding – I can’t trust him

It isn’t L. Ron Hubbard who is the same yesterday, today and forever – I can’t trust him

It isn’t Merrill Lynch or Charles Schwab who promises to provide my every need – I can’t trust them

It isn’t Uncle Sam who promises to be my protector against all my enemies – I can’t trust him

God has proven time and time again that He can be trusted

2. With all your heart

Not some of it, ALL of it

God want us to trust in Him with every fiber of our being

It’s time to let go of the situation and let Him be God for a little while

In every aspect of our lives, He wants us to be confident in and rely upon HIM

3. And lean not on your own understanding

It’s time to admit it – most of the time you don’t know what’s going on

We like to think that we do because we want to have some sense of control

God’s desire for us to come to a place of total surrender and allow Himself to rule supreme in our lives

4. In all your ways acknowledge Him

“In all your ways” could be loosely translated “in every thing you do”

Bottom line - Don’t disregard God in your life

In the Book of Daniel chapter 3, we see where 3 Hebrew children acknowledged God

They didn’t compromise their belief by bowing to a foreign god

As a result they were bound and cast into a fiery furnace

But the King didn’t see three men bound being consumed by fire, he saw four men loosed and walking around

They came out without a burn mark on them, and they didn’t even smell like smoke

Three chapters later we see where Daniel found himself in a situation where he didn’t even think twice about acknowledging God

As a result, Daniel ended up in a den of lions

The Bible tells us that the king who had to throw Daniel in the lions den, actually liked Daniel

The Bible says that after Daniel was put in the lion’s den, the king went back to the palace and didn’t sleep

It’s better to be in the lion’s den with God, than in the palace without Him!

In the 16th chapter of Acts we find Paul in Silas in jail

But instead of groaning and complaining about their circumstances, they began to acknowledge God

They begin praying, singing and shouting praises unto the Lord

And when they did, the ground began to shake

The earth began to quake

And the chains and prison doors that held them captive swung wide open

In all your ways acknowledge Him

Not just when it’s popular

Not just when it’s easy

But in all your ways – in every situation acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths

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