Summary: Our constant prayer request should be like the first disciples, “Lord, increase my faith!”

Please open your Bibles to Luke 17….

Look at v5 with me…..

We will investigate what this means this morning through the Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we will note, it is good to increase one’s faith. Actually for a Believer of Christ, it is a must to increase faith.

And so, as a New Year approaches, let us constantly say this prayer “Lord, increase my faith!”

For now, let us make a commitment to what we will hear from God this morning; let us pray together….

Read along with me now Luke 17:1-10….

Our constant prayer request should be like the first disciples, “Lord, increase my faith!”

Why should this be our constant prayer request?

First of all, let us note what faith can do!

Look again at v6…..

Can you visualize the power of faith; a mulberry tree is no ordinary tree (show picture); look at those roots! Picture that in your mind…. Faith can uproot a strong tree like this, move it to the sea, and grow it without ground or fresh water!! In other words, Faith can do miracles! Faith is powerful!

What is this faith?

What can we note from what Jesus said in v1-2? We noted in previous messages that in context from Luke chapter 16, lies will cause people to stumble for life and eternal life; and again the main focus of Luke 17:1-10 is faith. And so we can say that, 1. Faith is believing in truths, not lies!

You might say you have faith; but if you believe in lies in an area of your life, you really don’t have faith in that area of your life.

Now, what was Jesus trying to say in v3-6? We are to tell the truth to a brother or sister in Christ when they are wrong and when they admit they are wrong we are to forgive over and over! What are you doing when you forgive someone over and over when they admit they were wrong? What does God do when He forgives us of our sins through Jesus Christ? God loves us when He forgives us! We love when we forgive those who admit their wrongdoing. And so again in context of increasing faith, 2. Faith is love in action!

If you’re not sharing love based on God’s love, then you have little faith.

And what is the main point from v7-10? It is in v10 isn’t it? When a servant does things for a Master, what kind of attitude should a servant have??

We are to do things for our Master with a humble spirit! In context of increasing faith, 3. Faith is humility under God!

If we think we know better than God and we tell Him what to do, then we have little faith.

Let us summarize all of this and apply it to our lives. Faith is believing in truth, loving people, and being humble before God. Simply stated, Faith is living God’s truths in a loving way.

How do we apply this to our lives in a practical way?

First of all, A. Do we really desire increased faith? If we are half-hearted about faith then our lives for God will be half-hearted? We may just be satisfied with our initial faith in Jesus Christ when we accepted Him as our only Savior. Jesus tells us that when we believe in Him, we are born again as babes! How much impact can a baby have to others? If we’re satisfied with our faith with just salvation, then we will only impact others as a baby! What did Jesus say about faith, even as small as a mustard seed? Faith can do the miraculous! Do you want just baby miracles or big miracles in your life?

Little faith = little power. Increased faith = increased power!

Let us desire increased faith! How do we do this? Pray to God constantly, “Lord increase my faith!”

And if faith is living God’s truths in a loving way, we must know what God’s truths are in order to live them! Romans 10:17 actually tells us, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Increasing our faith requires desire and hearing the Word of God. And so, let us B. Commit to hearing (by listening or reading) the Bible daily!

Desire increased faith, ask for increased faith, daily walk with God by listening to the Bible.

And finally, we must put faith into action with love! How can we do this? Galatians 5:22 tells us that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, and so on……. And Galatians 5:25 states, Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. In other words, if we want to live in a loving way, we must yield to the Holy Spirit within us! As Christians, how often do we really think about the Holy Spirit within us?

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