Summary: We should be thankful for God’s indescribable gift.

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2 Corinthians 9:15 “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.” (NIV)

How do you describe the indescribable? How can you tell someone about an indescribable gift? How do you describe to someone the gift that God has given us? First let’s realize something. If it is truly indescribable you cannot describe it. Paul is telling us that in this scripture. We cannot explain what it is. The Bible in words try to describe him. Words cannot describe his glory. Words will never-ever amount to the glory of Jesus. We will never ever be able to speak enough of his glory. God gave us something in that manger that is truly indescribable.

On Good Morning America one morning around Christmas they were sharing about indescribable gifts. With an $80,000 you can put a down payment on a Jaguar car. The rest of the bill will come later around $575,000.00. Another one is a $100,00 toilet seat. It is gold and diamonds. $10,000.00 for car wax. I guess if you pay over $600,000 for a car you can afford that kind of wax. If you really want to spoil your baby how about a $10,000 pacifier.

Have you ever received a gift that was indescribable? NO! You can describe gifts given to you. The color, the size, and how it was given. Advertisers will go to all lengths to describe their product to you. But how in this world will you begin to describe the love of Jesus? How we even begin to tell of God’ love?

A wonderful preacher by the name of S.M. Lockridge pastored Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, CA. talked about our King. When I was doing my homework for this sermon his sermon kept coming back to me. He described our Lord about as good as it is going to get. He notes blew me away. I would like to share with you tonight what Pastor Lockridge spoke of when talking about our gift. The gift from God.

(exert from S.M. Lockridge’s “My King”)

- The Bible says my king is the king of the Jews

- He’s the king of Israel…he’s the king of righteousness

- He’s the king of ages…he’s the king of heaven

- He’s the king of glory…he’s the king of kings

- and he is the lord of lords…

- I wonder do you know him?

- My king is a sovereign king…no means of measure can define his limitless love

- He’s endurably strong… he’s entirely sincere

- He’s eternally steadfast…he’s immortally graceful

- He’s imperially powerful…he’s impartially merciful

- Do you know him tonight?

- He’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world

- He’s God’s son…he’s a sinners savior

- He’s the centerpiece of civilization…he’s unparallel…he’s unprecedented

- He’s the loftiest idea in literature…he’s the highest personality in philosophy

- He’s the fundamental doctrine of true theology

- He’s the only one qualified to be an all-sufficient savior

- I wonder do you know him?

- He supplies strength to the weak…he available for the tempted and tried

- He sympathizes and he saves…he strengthens and sustains

- He guards and he guides…he heals the sick

- He cleansed the lepers…he forgives the sinners

- He discharges debtors…he delivers the captive

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