Summary: This is the second in a series on the topic of Worship. This focuses on the need for individual worship on a daily basis.


ROMANS 12:1-2

Worship is to feel in your heart and express in some appropriate manner a humbling but delightful sense of admiring awe and astonished wonder and overpowering love in the presence of that most ancient Mystery, that Majesty which philosophers call the First Cause, but which we call Our Father Which Are in Heaven.

A. W. Tozer, quoted in D. J. Fant, A. W. Tozer, Christian Publications, 1964, p. 90

Worship is not only something experienced when we come together in the church building. Individual worship should take place on a daily basis, rising from us to our Heavenly Father.


A) A living Sacrifice Warren Wiersbe says “I once heard the late Jacob Stam pray ‘Oh, Lord! The only thing most of us know about sacrifice is how to spell the word.”

B) Holy and Acceptable—The word Holy is the same root in the Greek as is translated Saint in some passages. It is a word that speaks of being separated or different.

The Greek root translated here, Acceptable, is a word that is translated most of the time as “well pleasing.”

C) Reasonable service


A) Be not conformed—made like the world

Jello mold—become like what we are poured into and what surrounds us.

Shack up situations—Grandparents living out of wedlock for financial reasons—Is your God not big enough to overcome financial difficulties.

Conductor to orchestra at the beginning of a rehearsal: "Please get your pencils out . . . we have some marking to do on this score: The first two bars are in 3/4, not 4/4 as written. Next, in the 5th bar, change it to 7/8 and this remains to the end. Now, in bar 7 we lower the pitch 1/2 step. In bar 13, lower the pitch one whole step and this will remain to the end. Thank you. Now, let us begin." Soprano soloist: "Excuse me, Maestro. What would you like for me to change?" Conductor: "Nothing, madam. Just sing it exactly as you did yesterday."

When we vary from the standard, there are two things we can do. We can alter our lives to meet the standard, or (as in the story above) we can alter the standard and expect everyone else to meet this new flawed

standard.—Alan Smith

B) Transformed—by renewing of your mind.

Going before God in surrendered prayer, giving up our will and asking for his.

Renewing of mind by personal study and quiet meditation. II Cor 4:16-18


A. So you can prove God’s perfect will in your life—have a good witness.

Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up and live like you are living?

B. Good, Acceptable, and Perfect will of God.

His will is Good—of a good nature—well meaning---good plans.

His will is Acceptable—Well pleasing—to Him.

His will is Perfect----brought to a point of completion.

A bishop of a century ago announced from his pulpit and the periodical he edited that heavier-than-air flight was both impossible and contrary to the will of God. Oh the irony that bishop Wright had two sons, Orville and Wilbur! Wright was wrong. He was sure of himself but he was still wrong. ---Robert P. Dugan Jr.

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