Summary: Seeking and finding God.

Acts 10:1-8,19-22 Insights Of a Man Named Cornelius

Intro:Cornelius, the man who was so much - like

many today.

I. He was a Good Man, According to His


A. He was a Military Man - Centurion.

B. He was a Moral Man - “just man, one who

fears God”

C. He was a Model Man - “of good reputation

among all the nation of the Jews”

II. He was a Religious Man, According to


A. A Professing Man - “devout man and one

who feared God” - Sincere in his belief.

B. A Providing Man - “who gave alms

generously” - Charitable and a good


C. A Praying Man - “prayed to God always” -

The one prayer he needed answered would

be answered.

III. He was a Lost Man, According to God’s


A. He was Religious, but this was Not Enough.

B. He was Sincere, but this was Not Salvation.

C. He was Charitable, but this will Not Suffice.

D. He was a Person of Prayer, But Salvation

was needed.

F. Peter was an Apostle, needed to be humbled.

1. Because of Bigotry. 2. To Witness.

IV. He was Finally a Saved Man.[44-47]

A. He Heard the Word - not with ears only, but

with His Heart.

B. He Accepted the Word of Salvation and the

Holy Spirit.

C. He Magnified God - Confessing Jesus Christ

as Saviour.

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