Summary: Principles from Elijah’s life to see revival come in ours.


Elijah was a man with the same nature as us (James 5:17-18) and yet he prayed with such faith that the abundance of rain fell!

How can we align ourself with God’s purposes to pray for revival - for the former and the latter rain together to fall in our generation ? There are three stages we see in Elijah that we can take heed of...


(a) Stage 1 - Hear the Prophetic Word of God in Your Spirit.

See 1 Kings 18:1 - Elijah knew it was time for rain! He was like the sons of Issacar that discrned the times and seasons.

Every revival has been prophetically foretold. Mike Bickle and Bob Jones predicted there would be a New Wine outpouring in 1994 in 1984! Paul Cain even had the names John & Carol (not Wimber) many years later (J & C Arnot of Toronto Airport CF).

(b) Stage 2 - Birth it in Prayer with perseverance.

Elijah took the birthing position on top of the mountain. Ahab went up, but not up to pray - he went to eat, satisfying his own lusts. Elijah was praying and probably fasting according to the word of God (no other way).

He prayed until the cloud (God’s Presence) was seen coming out of the sea (lost humanity). Until there were signs of revival!

We are to keep on praying in faith until the revival is seen! (even before the rain came, Elijah heard the ’abundance of rain’ in His spirit - by faith!).

(c) Stage 3 - Running in His strength.

When the rain came Elijah was supernaturally empowered to do Run for God.

He even overtook Ahab’s chariot (representing human strength). Only after the rain falls and we have been travailing in prayer can we run in His strength! (Think of example of John Wesley - 250,000 miles on horseback, travelling & preaching (10 circles of the globe), preached more than 40,000 sermons to crowds

of sometimes more than 10,000! He was only 5 foot 3 inches!).


Do you want to be an instrument of revival ? Then start praying for God to open the eyes of your understanding about what He is doing prophetically in this day and age! Get excited about what He is saying and take it into deep prayer and fasting. Don’t give up! Persevere until you see the rain! Then run in His strength like never before!


(1) Elijah was such a super-saint, can we be like him in the mighty things he did ? Explain.

(2) What are the three stages for revival and how can you be a part ?

(3) What can we learn about how Elijah prayed ?

(4) Is there anything stopping you doing what Elijah did ? Discuss and be very honest with each other. This can lead into a time of prayer.

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