Summary: This is part one of a two part message where Jesus gives us a design for intentional evangelism in the field where He has planted our church.

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Intentional Evangelism

John 4:1-30

I. Jesus Went To Where the Woman Was (v. 4-9)

A. Jesus Had a Divine Appointment (v. 4) Do you believe that there are certain people that you may be able to reach for Christ that no one else can reach?

B. He went to the place that most Jews would avoid (v. 5-6) There are several things to learn here:

• Jesus was no respecter of persons (race, ethnicity, etc.)

• Jesus was no respecter of territory

• Jesus went out of his way to reach people

C. Jesus caught her attention (v. 7-8)

1. What can you do or what have you done to catch someone’s attention to share your faith?

2. We must realize that there are many people that do not expect a church to reach out to them without expecting something in return. Why is this barrier and how do we overcome it?

II. Jesus Created an Interest (v. 9-15)

A. He asked a question that caused her to become interested and curious. (v. 9)

1. She was curious because He seemed to have nothing to offer.

2. She was curious because He took time to care

3. She was curious because He was willing to reach across racial and social barriers.

B. She begin to inquire how she could get this “Living Water” (v. 10-14)

C. She thought Jesus was talking about something the flesh could provide and accomplish. She desired a quick fix without any change in her life because she did not realize yet that Jesus was talking about her spiritual life.

III. Jesus Challenged Her Heart (v. 16-26)

A. He challenged her past life of sin and separation from God (v. 16-19) What can the modern church learn from this part of Jesus’ approach to this woman? He challenged her, but he also made it a chance to be forgiven. Many times we hold sin over a person’s head

B. He challenged her idea of worship (v. 20-24) How have you been challenged in your concept of worship? So many people have decided that their way of worship is the one God wants. God does not care about the tune or the instruments, but rather the heart that is producing the words being sung.

C. He challenged her identifying who He was. (v. 25-26)

IV. He Got Results (v. 27-30, 39-42)

A. Her life was radically changed (v. 28)

B. She begin to aggressively share her new found belief (v. 29-30)

C. People came to Jesus because she invited them, but they believed because of who He is. (v. 39-42)

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