Summary: You don’t need an astute brain to know the will of God, All you need is an yielding/obedient heart!

You don’t need an astute brain to know the will of God,

All you need is an yielding/obedient heart!

However unusual/unfamiliar/uncomfortable it may be, follow HIM faithfully!

Proverbs 3:6 “Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.”

In order for us to accomplish what the Lord wants us to do, we must be willing to place ourselves into the Hands of the Almighty God. What does that mean? It means that we trust God completely, surrender our will for His will, put our faith totally in Him. It means that we take an attitude that says, “Lord, my life belongs to you; my life and all that I have are in your hands; do with me what you will and help me to do your perfect will.” It may mean walking out of unwanted relationships, choosing the right path, giving up something that you may want in order to obey God. If you have already made mistakes and messed up your life, it is the right time now to place the pieces into His Hands, He would set right things for you! Placing our lives into the Hands of God is an awesome and wonderful thing for a person to do!

I just want to give a small illustration here, to stress my point further, when we go shopping as a family, the most frustrating thing that we face is ‘car parking’ in the midst of today’s populated society filled with shopping freaks! At times the whole fun of ‘outing as a family’ takes a dip when you just don’t find a place for your car. Agree???? However, when we do find a space like an oasis in the desert, we park swiftly and what we do now is what I am going to stress on!!! At least, what many of us do in our city Hyderabad (India)! Listen! A stranger without uniform, badge or any kind of official identity but with just a bunch of car keys in his bag and a whistle, comes straight-faced to you and demands for your car keys, we give it without batting our eyelids!!!!! Howzat?

When we can just hand over our car keys to a stranger which we deny even to our loved ones, why is that we hesitate so much to handover our life to God???? So much doubts, so much fear ?? Why? Why?

When you walk with the world, you walk in doubt and fear, but when you walk with God, you are walking with a partner who loves you unconditionally and who will never make a mistake. Amen.

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