Summary: Intro to Revelation 17

Dear brothers and sisters in Messiah,

Praise be unto the Lord Jesus Christ who gives us this new life through His blood atonement on the Cross, rising from the grave to give us new life, and ascending to the Father in heaven to sit at His right hand. Glory unto Him in the house of the Lord our God.

I thank the Lord for this message that He has given me. I know I normally do not introduce such a sermon in this fashion. You might be asking why I am doing differently this time. Over the course of the past two and a half years, I’ve been studying Revelation waiting, and waiting patiently to get to this chapter and the next one as well (chapter 17 and 18). You may be asking why also would I state that? Over the course of my public preaching ministry, I have often spoken of false teachers. If you haven’t heard me speak about false teachers before, I encourage you to go to scroll down to Pastors corner then hit Pastor David, and you will be directed to where my sermons are from there.

You see its important for us to understand that in the present age we live in, there are false teachers abounding. These false teachers preach a false gospel full of not the salvation which Christ wrought for us on the Cross, but the salvation which Satan offers to the world. The comparison between the two is simple. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of grace, and faith. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of repentance, reception, acceptance, belonging, believing, and conforming into His image through His blood sacrifice. This Gospel of Christ has nothing to do with accepting Him on the merits of works, but merely through receiving His grace. Living for Him has nothing to do with rewards, although we will be rewarded according to what we have or have not done. No, the Christian life is all about believing upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as a direct result then entering the race towards the prize of reaping the harvest from the purpose Christ gave for you as a believer from the foundations of the world.

False religion is dangerous because it leads one not to thought about faith, but too contamination of faith. This is dangerous because if one does not own their faith or know there faith, or what they believe in for that matter they can very easily in turn be lead astray down the path of destruction. This is exactly the problem that we confront in Revelation 17 and 18, as we have throughout our study in Revelation. We are forced to confront the false satanically inspired gospel, because it is the gospel that is prevalent in our society today. You may be asking or are interesting in knowing why?

As was stated earlier, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of grace depending upon His sacrifice in turn to receive the free gift of pardon through His blood. That is an indisputable claim clear by the teaching of the whole New Testament. False satanic religion wants us to believe that the Gospel of Christ is not a Gospel of grace, rather it is a Gospel of works. Yet we can take a look at such passages such as Ephesians 2:8-10 and others among the list, to check this line of thinking. If one does the studying as I would highly recommend, you will not only find that Church did not believe in the Gospel of works, they believed that its motivation was primarily to motivate them towards pursuing intimacy. You see the works are never more than the intimacy than we have with the Messiah. Our works can only be derived properly in respect to the fruit of the Spirit, by the amount of time we then in turn spend in intimacy with Father.

Yet false satanic religion wants us to believe that this is not so. It is the clear teaching of cults, that want nothing more than for people to not think about there faith. Some of you may be aware but in the Roman Catholic church, and other such cults they do not allow one to read the Bible. Of course though, one can, but if they catch you they will excommunicate you. Why do you think Wycliffe was so heavily persecuted before the start of the Protestant reformation? Look up your church history, the catholic church persecuted this man who was trying to help others know the Word of God. Or why the Mormon church and other such cults keep detailed records of every single member that they have.

Why would churches keep massive detailed records as the Mormons do underneath the temple in Salt lake city? Why would the world bank have its basis in Rome? Why would the Vatican have a special forces type entrogue connected to it since the time of Luther in 1492? Why? Why would the most heavily recruited religion in government agencies be the Mormons? Because all these false religious cults want is more power, control and manipulation so as to lead the people of God astray into the false gospel of works that is so prevalent in our society if one were to take a look at it not from a secular stance, but from a biblical worldview it is astounding.

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