Summary: Moses begins his role as leader of the exodus!

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Introducing Moses - Leader Extraordinaire

Exodus 4-12

From baby afloat, to Pharaoh’s house, to murderer’s row, to lowly shepherd, to leader of God’s people. Sounds like a fairy tale, but it is reality in the power of God!

In Moses’ emergence as the leader of the Israelite nation, we see:

I. A Growing Faith (Exodus 4:18-5:1)

A. Recap

B. Faith on the move, with some hiccups:

1. By virtue of his calling, became a

privileged Hebrew, but kept


2. By virtue of calling, was

despised. Again by both, but kept

pressing! (5:4-21)

3. By virtue of his calling, became

an alien in a foreign land, but

kept pressing!

4. Doubted God, but kept pressing!

(5:22-23, 6:12, 30)

II. A Reward for faithfulness

A. The Power of God:

1. Before the people (4:30)

A. The staff (4:1-4)

B. The hand (4:6-7)

C. The water (4:9)

2. Before the Egyptians (7:8-12:33)

A. The staff* G. Boils

B. Blood* H. Hail**

C. Frogs* I. Locusts

D. Gnats J. Darkness**

E. Flies** K. Firstborn

F. Livestock

(*Duplicated by Pharaoh’s magicians)

(**Pharaoh says “Go!” and then

says “NO!”)

B. The Promise of God

1. The people would not listen to

Moses’ call to persevere. (6:9)

2. Pharaoh’s response

A. Had magicians duplicate

some of the signs and as a

result, would not budge.

B. When they couldn’t

duplicate, Pharaoh refuses

to listen.

C. Finally, after three

reversals, agrees to let

people go.

The Lessons:

1. We must do as God commands.

2. We are accompanied by God’s power.

3. We are not promised an easy road.

4. We will succeed.

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