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Summary: To know who we are we must first know where we came from. This sermon introduces the book of Genesis focusing on God’s purpose for Genesis.


“The Book of Beginnings”

Genesis 1:1

Last summer I had a special day with my dad. When I am home he always wants to ride me in the woods, which are his love, and then show me land that he is developing. On this day he wanted to take me to an old family cemetery, one that was in the middle of nowhere, but where several of my ancestors were buried. We had a marvelous time as he told me their stories, both good and bad, like the one where my great, great grandfather who was shot and killed by a jealous husband. Boy, I enjoyed every minute and asked a thousand questions. To know your history is to know yourself.

God understands this perfectly. This is why He gave the people of Israel and well as all people the book of Genesis. It is a history book of where we came from and much more. Today, we begin a journey through the book of Genesis. It is important for us to study and learn our heritage as believers in Jesus Christ. Today my goal is to introduce you to this wonderful account of beginnings and examine God’s purposes for giving us this record. Just as questions of my dad to learn of my ancestry, let us ask questions to learn of our beginnings.


Moses, the great prophet whom God used to lead His children out of bondage penned the book of Genesis under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The bible teaches us that all Scripture is inspired by God, but God uses men as instruments to write his words. Moses was God’s instrument to write Genesis. Actually, Moses wrote the first five books of bible, called the Pentateuch. These were written probably during the time the children of Israel were wandering in the desert.

Moses’ authorship is authenticated by tradition, but also by Jesus Christ Himself.


The primary audience of the book of Genesis where the children of Israel to whom God had specifically chosen as His special people to be a kingdom of priest to the world.

The general audience of the book of Genesis to all men every.


The Historical Purpose

To Teach the Origin of the Universe

Answers: Where did this world come from?

In chapter 1 we will find the explanation for the beginning of all things. Let me explain that the book of Genesis is not a book of science, but when addresses scientific subjects then it is always true, because God’s word is truth. Therefore, we do not have to bend God’s word to justify science as many have done. Instead, the more that science is understood it will only validate what Scripture has already explained.

To Teach the Origin of Life

From the 1st chapter we will also discover the origin of all life: plant and animal. We can find the beginnings of the minnow in the ocean as well as the eagle of the air. We can discover the beginnings of the microscopic one-cell ameba or the monsterous dinosaurs that walked in the past.

To Teach the Origin of Mankind (1:26-28; 2)

Answers: Where did I come from?

To Teach the Origin of Marriage (2:23-24)

Answers: Is Marriage really all that important?

To Teach the Origin of Evil (3)

Answers: Where did all the problems come from?

To Teach the Origin of Languages and Cultures? (11)

Answers: Why are people so different?

To Teach the Origin of a Chosen People (12f)

Answers: What is all the fuss over Israel?

The Doctrinal Purpose

To Teach God is the Sovereign Creator

To Teach God is a Personal God

-desires and seeks out relationship with man

To Teach the Justice of God

-rewarder of those who obey (Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham)

-punisher of those who walk in disobedience

(Adam and Eve, Cain, people of Noah’s generation)

To Teach the Grace and Mercy of God

To Teach the Faithfulness of God

In Genesis we discover that God is a covenant making and covenant keeping God (covenants with Noah, with Abraham, Jacob)

To Teach the Redemption of God

God has a plan to redeem mankind from the penalty of their sins. We can find the blood of Jesus Christ flowing throughout the first book of the Bible

*from the Garden of Eden (animal slain for covering to seed of woman crushing the head of the serpent)

*to the Ark of Noah (type of Christ)

*to the Ram sacrificed as a substitute for Isaac

*to Joseph


To Know Who You Are You Must Know Where You Came From

To Know Your Purpose You Must First Know Who You Are

To Know Where You are Going You Must First Know Your Purpose

To Know God in a Personal/Intimate Way You Must First Know Him in an Intellectual Way

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