Summary: Christians should magnify God's name because of spiritual blessings

I. The Sender of the Blessing (1:1a)

A. Paul wrote with the authority of an apostle.

B. Paul wrote while imprisoned in Rome around A.D. 60-62.

II. The Saints with the Blessing (1:1b)

A. Paul’s letter was initially written as a circular letter, intended for other churches in Asia Minor, as

well as Ephesus.

B. Paul’s letter is intended for all Christians.

III. The Source of the Blessing (1:2)

*“Grace and Peace”

--Grace comes from God and results in salvation.

--Salvation brings reconciliation and fellowship with God.

--Thus, grace precedes and is responsible for peace with God and others.

IV. The Sufficiency of the Blessing (1:3).

A. We qualify for the blessings of God by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

B. We can never have peace until we accept the grace of God.

C. We need nothing but Jesus to find true peace.

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