Summary: Overview and vital facts concerning the book of Daniel


I. The Man Daniel

A. Testimony of His Greatness

1. The Scripture’s Testimony (Ezekiel 14:14-20; 28:3; II Chronicles 34:1,8, 35:18,19, 36:1-7)

2. The Angel’s Testimony (Daniel 9:24, 10:11, 19)

3. His Master’s Testimony (Daniel 4:8, 9, 18, 5:11)

4. The Lord Jesus’ Testimony (Matthew 24:15)

B. Testimony of His Knowledge of Scripture

1. Knowledge of the Prophets (Daniel 9:2)

2. Knowledge of the Law (Daniel 9:11, 13)

C. Testimony of His Prayer Life

1. He got answers to his prayers (Daniel 2:19-23)

2. He had habits of prayer (Daniel 6:10; Psalm 55:17)

3. He heard from heaven while he prayed (Daniel 9:20ff)

D. Testimony of His Faith

1. In God’s Faithfulness to Prove His Position (Daniel 1:12ff)

2. In God’s Power to Give Interpretations (Daniel 2:16ff)

3. In God’s Power to Stop the Mouths of Lions (Daniel 6:23; Hebrews 11:33)

II. The Message of Daniel

A. Items of History (Chapter 1-7)-Written in Aramaic-Gentile

B. Items of Prophecy (Chapter 8-12)-Written in Hebrew-Jew

C. Key Themes:

1.’And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings, and sets up kings...’ (Daniel 2:21)

2.’God in heaven...maketh known...what shall be in the latter days’ (Daniel 2:28)

D. Key Word: VISION-(22) times in the singular and (10) times in the plural

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