Summary: The worst demons of all time have been incarcerated for thousands of years in the pit of the abyss...but hell goes on holiday in our text during the tribulation. Link included to formatted MS Word text and PowerPoint Presentation.

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Invasion from Hell

Rev. 8:13-9:12

Do you believe in the existence of angels? Surveys show that most people do…but did you know that those same surveys also show that most people do not believe in the existence of demons?! If you believe in angels you MUST also believe in FALLEN ANGELS!…aka demons.

When Jesus walked this earth, He dealt w/ demons on many occasions. “Well, I don’t believe in all that hocus-pocus!”

Jesus did! Jesus not only believed in them, but He often confronted them…inc. the time He dealt w/ one individual who was at that time possessed w/ literally hundreds of demons.

If you watch the news at all…if you ever leave the house, you have to agree, that the world we live in is controlled and influenced predominantly by Satan and His mighty army of fallen angels…demons. The Bible calls Satan the Prince of this world, the Prince of the power of the air.

Eph. 6 says Satan has a great army of evil spirits that assist him in his work…they are divided into 4 categories: principalities/powers/rulers of darkness/spiritual wickedness in high places.

Many Bible scholars believe this to mean there is a hierarchy involved here, not just a bunch of bad guys w/ a leader, but that they are highly organized in their work, using a command structure, delegating orders, organizing wickedness.

Rapists—not just of women, but even toddlers of 2 or 3 years, or the elderly in their 80’s…now that’s depravity which must be inspired by demons!

Child abusers—even parents…defiling their own children in ways so horrible that they defy imagination…that’s depravity which must be inspired by demons! Or a mother that would drown her own children…that’s not natural, only a demon could accomplish that!

Murderers—not just killing their victims, but brutalizing them, and in many cases, cannibalizing them… that’s depravity which must be inspired by demons!

9/11 hijackers—train for several years to die, as long as they can take innocent Americans w/ them. These are people w/ an agenda so warped and a mind so brainwashed, they are the very embodiment of evil…that’s depravity which must be inspired by demons!

Suicide bombers—(homicide bombers) have blown themselves up hundreds of times since Sept., 2000…that’s Palestinian against Jew. They’ve killed thousands in those attempts, and averaged only 3.5 killed by each bomber! What kind of person is willing to do so much w/ so little result? A person which is possessed and controlled and inspired by demons!

What kind of person tries to make a statement to their government by harming and killing innocent people. (Timothy McVeigh, who called children he killed “collateral damage” / anthrax / pipe bomber who drew “smiley face” on US map!) I’ll tell you what kind of person…a demon-possessed person.

Satanism is on the rise. And the Satanists are not just the heavy metal rockers that we think of, or the members of the church of Satan which sacrifice cows and goats and drink the blood. Satanists are not just the people in NM where I grew up that put a small boy into a coffin w/ a straw to breathe thru, then poured in thousands of fire ants…and later referred to the 15 minutes of slow death torture which ensued as a “sacrifice to Satan”.

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Galen Houk

commented on Oct 1, 2006

Good word preach it Sir!!!

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