Summary: This sermon focuses on getting God’s People, the Church, to focus on living and sharing our faith with the next generation.

Investing Ourselves in the Next Generation

Psalm 78:1-8


A. Have you ever thought about the fact that the only time in your life that you are pleased about getting older is when you were a kid?

- Less than 12; you are so excited about aging that you think in fractions. I am 8 and 1/2.

- 12 or older; you begin to jump to the next age. Even if you are 12, you say - I am going to be 16. If you are 16, you say, I will soon be 18.

- Then YOU BECOME 21. But something happens after that point.

- You TURN 30,

- You PUSH 40

- You REACH 50

- You Make It to 60

- You HIT 70

- YOUR IN your 80’s

- When you are in your 90’s - it goes backwards. You are start counting in fractions again. You say things like; I’ve just turned 92.

B. Well, no matter how old or young you are, God loves you and has a great purpose for you. In fact, our passage today teaches us that part of God’s plan for us who are older is to Share the Lord with the Next Generation - vs’ 4-6

Other passages; Jesus taught us not to hinder the little ones from coming to Him. But He also set an example for a cross section of society to involved in ministry with His Disciples. The men he chose were a variety of ages and backgrounds. We also see the example of Moses investing in Joshua and passing on the torch of leadership to him.

C. We know that Jesus didn’t start his ministry until He was 30. We know that Jesus began His ministry at age 30. According to Biblical Culture there was a difference in those age 30 and those over 30.

Today there is something about those ages too. For sociologist reveal that there are many differences (in attitudes and views, and practices) with the different generations. Today what is known and called Buster and Millennial Generations or Gen. X and Y, we see a difference in such things as their attitudes toward life, authority careers, the future, etc As well as the place with technologies - this is a computer - visual oriented group of people. They highly value the use of technology as a means for communication, learning, as well as entertainment. They see things much more in a Global perspective than previous generations. They value change as they live a constant changing world. But one of the most important aspects in relation to our Subject today is just how important Relationships are to them.

Overall those under 30 value these things. And if we are going to Share our Faith with them, as the Bible Teaches us to, we need to understand this.

D. So What do we learn from this passage about Sharing our Faith in the Lord with the next generations?


A. We need to really Commit ourselves to Sharing our Faith with the next Generation. Why?

- Because God’s Word Calls us to do this.

- If we don’t, we will lose a generation to other competing forces that are not of God.

- We live in a society filled with half truths and false religions who are constantly competing for the soul of everybody - but especially our youth. When you win the youth - you win the generations to follow.

B. We need a Church wide effort to this Endeavor.

- Vs. 3-4; We will… "their children…" It is "WE" - God’s people collectively, which consist of individuals. It is not just about sharing our faith with our Children (As Dt. 6 teaches and other Scriptures teach us) but about other people’s children knowing - the Next Generation! Certainly this doesn’t negate the truth that we are to share our faith with our children but it becomes the church’s intention - purpose - responsibility to train us to do that and to help in the process. And the fact that there will be many in this generation whose parents don’t know the Lord or who don’t take their God - given responsibility to teach and share the Lord with their children. So we, as a Church must make it our priority and "We will …."

- Vs. 7-8 the church has an obligation - a Responsibility - and should make this a Priority so that the Next Generation will…

- Put their trust in the Lord.

- Not forget what God has done.

- Keep His commands

- Not be like their forefathers stubborn and rebellious.

- Their hearts would be loyal to God.

- Their spirits faithful to the Lord.

C. We need to Communicate the Lord to the Next Generation in a vital way. We know that our actions speak louder than words and so we must live Obediently and Openly for the Lord to the next Generation. This generation deals with Reality in their world everyday and they seek and listen to those who will be REAL: not pretentious or self righteous - but REAL! This is the generation of REAL TV and Life!

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Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Apr 10, 2017

Thank you, very goood info for a Promo-Talk.....thanks....

Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Jul 13, 2017

Precise and to the point .....done very welll and plenty of room for expansion ! Blessings to you Sir !

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