3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We need to invest time and effort in other people.

2 Peter 1 :7 And to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love.

I am pondering and my mind ponders the goodness of God. Today, I took two older ladies for a ride, just to get them out of the house for a few hours. We were so far in the country, there was no bridge to cross the river. We loaded the van on a little ferry and crossed. God blessed us, we saw a group of deer. One buck had 12 points, and he lifted his head as a noble creature.

We drove through a little community called PIG. I pondered, I guess, I have never seen a pig give thanks. I don’t want to be pig in Pig, Ky. I was just enjoying watching the two older ladies enjoying the ride, and in my heart praising God for allowing me to be His servant. We fall into many ruts in life, not realizing a rut is just an open ended grave.

We have fallen into a dangerous rut when we want to play at work, and worship our play, and play at worship? I must KNOW HIM! There is a longing in my heart for Jesus. While many search for new toys, may we find tools to build better people!

All a mighty oak is ...??? Is a nut that stood it’s ground.

If you throw mud, you are the one loosing ground.

Sickly oaks from sickly acorns grow!

Little stroke fell mighty oaks.

Seems it is easier to make a buck than to make a difference? Jude 22 is ever before me... And some have compassion, making a difference. Do I have compassion that makes a difference? Many have sympathy, and feel sorry and make chicken soup and pass out Kleenex. But we need compassion. Sympathy can be an instinct. Compassion is a learned behavior. Where do we learn compassion? The back side of the desert is where compassion is learned. Through great disappointments, stresses, being misunderstood, ... IN THE CROSS! Have I learned to glory in the cross? No! Help me God.

One very clear point of the Bible is God has the future of His Church under His control. Jesus made a promise: I SHALL RETURN. At an appointed time, Christ Jesus will return for His Own. The power of the enemy and of hypocrites will be broken. The problems of today shall fade and vanish against the glorious return of our Savior.

Why not, by faith celebrate His soon return. Be ready! Be prepared! Deliverance is coming! Total healing is ahead! Complete victory belongs to His glorious church without spot or winkle. But we have lost focus and lost hope. We have made poor choices and we have invested great treasures in small trinkets.

Some change when they see the light. Others change when they feel the great heat. Some are so bull headed, they think God needs to change the whole world to please their desires. God we need You!

While God feeds the birds, He does not put the food in their nest. In the confrontation between the stream and a rock, the rock is so hard and invincible, but the stream always wins, not by strength but by perseverance. You must keep on, don’t look back, invest in the eternal! How broken we will be, when we stand before the Almighty and see all the time and effort we invested in worthless trash? Pleasure is a poor goal.

We know you can depend on God! But the question is: Can God depend on you? Many ask--- Where is the God of Elijah? But that is not the right question! The right question is: Where are the Elijah’s of God? He who excuses himself, accuses himself. What could you do, if you wanted to ---?

I guess there are many more that would rather walk on water than build a bridge? It is much easier to be a critic and a faultfinder than to build a bridge. We would rather try find a new friend, than reconcile with an old? Small minds discuss people! Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas and possibilities. Sure, it is easier to pull up and move on than to have compassion and make a difference. Where is forgiveness?

The enemy is never to busy to stop and rock the cradle of a sleeping individual. How sad, Jesus woke the sleeping prayer warriors several times, but how much sadder when Jesus said, SLEEP ON! Sad memories of lost opportunities?

I guess, I am trying to say, green pastures, the green grass, can become white milk, if you put the effort forth, and have patience to wait. God sees you as two people --- the person that you are? ---- and the person He wants you to be? We are often to busy at watching others, and putting them down, than dreaming of what God could do with our hands.

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