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Summary: Isaiah the prophet gives us an invitation to break free from the life of indifference and into wanting the thing of God.

Invitation to the thirsty

Isaiah 55:1-13


Last week we took a look at the word of God about judging others and what God’s word really says about it.

It was one of those messages that brought some comment.

We could if we are not careful, take God’s word out of context and have it say what we want it to say.

What I mean by that like “Do not judge”, we have to know the context of which the writer wrote it. If we do not, we can make it say what we want it to say.

This morning we look at the words of the prophet Isaiah as he records Gods word concerning having a thirst for God and the promises that come in the word of God to those that know them and apply them to their lives and the warning that is given to those that do not.

We are two days away from a big election.

Anxiety is high, tension is high.

This country is split just about in half over every major issue concerning the health of our country, people’s private rights, moral issues, health care, jobs, money, and our aspect of what the future of our country looks like.

I have heard many of you say that you will have to pick one but do not like either strongly.

The country will fall apart if the wrong one gets in.

You are talking like this is the first time that this country or God for that matter has to have to deal with a country or people that is far from him.

Our text of is God speaking through his prophet to let the nation of Israel know that if they were to experience God in their time of desperation, they would have to seek God out.

I am going to tell you the problem of today, it is the same problem that the nation of Israel faced when the prophet Isaiah was told to speak to them many years ago.

The sin of indifference!

Don’t get me wrong-



He/ She

Value defined… For/against

Freedoms/ Right/ privilege

Indifference defined as unconcerned, without interest, not caring…

The indifference is ABOUT THE THINGS OF GOD!

They will fight for causes, they attack when cornered by God saying that they need to change.

They bought into the belief of tolerance.

They bought into the belief that our rights as citizens are more important than our obedience to God.

Nothing new under the sun! Bible says

Same game different people.

Same rebellion, different ways of showing it.

Question to ask yourself

When it come to the things of God, the will of God, and the call of God, demands of God, and the worship of God, are you guilty of indifference?

Now that we have some background, we can read the text in context as God speaks through Isaiah to reach people then and also today.

Isaiah 55:1-55:13

The reality is that all of us are guilty to some degree of indifference.

We cannot afford to make it a lifestyle.

Come,( All )you who are thirsty- Jew, Gentile, free, slave.

Come to the waters (source) Come to the living water of God

You don’t have money- come buy without money and without cost. (God of plenty, it is not about money or profit)

Why would you pay for something that I am offering up for free… just come

If you have an ear, hear what I am telling you.

The danger of living a life of indifference toward God

The invitation of God is not taken seriously and thought of as an option instead of a warning.

The fact that the God of mercy will not be ignored. He will not let that happen.

Hebrews 10:30-31-

“For we know him who said, It is mine to avenge; I will repay, and again The Lord will judge his people. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

The very merciful and loving God that offers us to come is the same God that will not tolerate indifference and rejection of His offer of eternal life. The preacher Isaiah reminds the people that the offer will not always be available to them and divine judgment will come.

Holy God will uphold his honor and holiness against the disregard of his people.

That it would be better for the righteous of God to fall into the hands of a merciful God you willfully came too

than the unrighteous to fall into the hands of a holy God that they have rejected.

Galatians 6:7-

“Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked.”

Do not be misled, do not be too busy for God. Do not put God on the back burner. You cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Do not live to satisfy your own nature or you will be judged by it and it will not measure up to God standard.

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